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Senior dog Zooey gets a new lease on life thanks to relieve plus

Meet Zooey. She is one of the many dogs that have benefited from Relieve Plus. Learn how this very special doggo gained a better quality of life thanks to our broad spectrum water soluble fast acting pure CBD from hemp, Relieve-Plus.  

Zooey from in pain to short hikes and loving life!

Zooey is the loving faithful family companion of 16 years originally found in a kill shelter in Southern California.  As she aged her hard life took its toll but due to her sturdy nature and loyalty to her family she did not want to stop going with them on hikes and being by their side all day, every day. 

They tried prescription pain killers but were concerned with her use of them long term as at the same time she had many years left.  

Zooey has now been given Relieve – Plus  daily only 4-5 sprays per day and she feels young again.  Her family gives Zooey Relieve Plus direct in her mouth in the evenings before she settles in.  

She does not seem to mind the sprays at all which have been a simple addition to her bedtime routine.  A bone,  some mouth sprays and she settles in.  Her family also has notices that she seems to calm and sleep better as well.