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Signs Your Dog is Happy and How to Have the Happiest Dog

Is there anything better than a perfectly happy, tongue-out, bright-eyed happy dog? Happiness directly relates to the quality of life; a happy person enjoys a healthy life, stays fit, and gives more to everything he or she does. The same goes with our dogs; our dogs are emotional beings and interactive animals; these pets are our buddies, and they are connected to us for their happiness and emotional health. Physical health is connected with emotional satisfaction and happiness. So how do you know you have a happy dog and ensure that you do have the happiest dog so that they can enjoy all the goodness life has to offer.


Signs Your Dog Is Happy

How to Have the Happiest Dog

Follow these tips to have the happiest dog:


How to Have Happiest Dog Tip #1 Plenty of Exercise

Exercise is directly proportional to happiness and peace of mind for humans and dogs. Some dog breeds most notably working dog breeds are bred and built to do extensive exercise and will inevitably have elevated energy levels.


When you don’t ensure that exercise is part of these dogs’ routines, your dog may release their energy in destructive ways like furniture chewing, pillow munching, scratching and digging which will make you and your dog less happy and frustrated. Daily walks, agility training, and dog park sessions tailored to your dog’s energy level will contribute to your dog’s happiness.

dog shiny coat

Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise



How to Have the Happiest Dog Tip #2 Nutrition and Diet


When you provide your pet with a balanced diet and take care of calorie intake and exercise, your dog will stay fitter and the risk of obesity-related disease will be reduced.


Arthritis and mobility issues will also remain at bay with the help of a healthy and nutritious diet. The healthiest dog is the happiest dog.


Don’t forget about supplements too.  If your dog is anxious or in pain supplements like Relieve Plus and Calm may support their needs.  A pain free and less anxious dog will be a happier dog!

How to Have the Happiest Dog Tip #3 Love and affection

Dogs are emotional animals just like you are.  Dogs are also packed animals that thrive being around a pack.  They need your acknowledgment and affection to stay happy. Your affection will make them feel important and loved.


Bathing, grooming, belly scratches, and cuddles are the perfect ways to connect and show your love and affection to keep them happy.  

trimming dog's nails

Grooming is a great way to bond and show love and affection.




How to Have the Happiest Dog Tip #3 Introduce something new


Redundancy and monotonous routines make you feel odd and peculiar, and it also goes for your canine buddy. So, at least once a week, try something new, a new game, meeting new people, or going to new places all of which will enhance your bond, and you will feel a positive change in the behavior of your buddy.  Introducing new things also assist with socialization.  The more comfortable and socialized your pet is from having new experiences, the more confident and happy they will also be.  See our resources in How to Relieve Dog Stress for a Happy Dog.


Over to you

Having the happiest dog is not a mission impossible that requires full-time availability from its owners. By doing simple things and providing love and affection to your dog will make them happy, confident, and relaxed. With a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, you will get a wonderful relationship with your best buddy.  Share your tips for having the happiest dog!