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Social Dog Podcast Interview Dog Book Author, Kendra Clark, Motherpuppin Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s

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Hi, I’m Cindy Carter and I’ve been raising caring for and working professionally with dogs for more than 17 years. I’m bringing the best of my wisdom to you right now in Social Dog.


Bow wow everybody, this is the Social Dog Podcast. Let’s see it is December, the 8th. And this is Podcast no. 116. Happy to be here with you, we have a great show today. It’s a little different than our normal educational path, but I think you’re going to freakin love it. It’s going to be a great show. But before we get to that, let’s talk about wonderful people who help us to grow and take care of our pets right. If you’re bored at the job you have you’re always wanted to work with animals or pets, then the Dog Gurus, G-U-R-U-S is who you want to call and get advice. You know whether you want to start small, build a building, whatever stage of the business you’re in or want to start, I would definitely with a lot of integrity tell you to contact a Dog Gurus. And you can also reach him at the and they’re on Facebook as well. And then all of us love a cute water bowl. I’m not going to lie, I do too. But this company KINN came out with these biodegradable sugarcane fiber bowls… I talk about them every week, they’re 100%, germ free, they have a Many sizes, they had these stainless steel rings, to hold them in place. Your dishwasher doesn’t get hot enough. You don’t have to wash them, you’re saving money, electricity, water, etc. They have…. You’re in the business, I know a lot of our audience has their own facilities. I know for my business, it says it’s saving us a bunch of money, water wise and electricity wise, but also for the pet parent, you know your dog’s going to live a lot longer or kitty. They’re going to drink more water and just like us is super important. They stay hydrated, and we all probably most of us need to drink more water.


So anyhow, check them out. or you can even buy them on Amazon, Klean K-L-E-A-N bowls. And last but not least, how do you know? How do you know… I know before I started and got into the industry of animal care? How do you know if a place is safe for you to take your dog you know, a member of your family for them to look after why you go on a vacation or the business trip? Whatever…. You don’t know.


I mean…. I don’t know if I pick a good lawyer or not. I didn’t go to law school. So PACCC Professional Animal Care Council. It’s a Certification Council. It’s a third party testing that tests your owner, your employees and it is tough. It’s a third party so there’s no bias there at all. But PACCC… Their mission is to bring independent testing and certification to the pet care service industry. Independent certification is an important step;


number one we’re in such a rapidly growing industry right? Everybody wants to take care of dogs. But there’s not enough standards in our industry. So, thank goodness for PACCC. If you are in the business, you want to make sure that your pack certified and if you’re not in the business, don’t bring your beloved baby to anyone unless they are PACCC certified. And if you’re not in the business and you want to find out who and your state is or your city, you can go to their website and there’s a section for parents and it’s I don’t think anything could be more important when it comes to leaving your animals somewhere that you can feel comfortable with.


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Okay, that was important. Very important. All right. Now I get to the fun part. Kendra, are you on with us?


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I am.


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Yay. Today’s guest is a Kendra Clark. She’s an author of this amazing, amazing this great book. Everyone listening has to get it is called Motherpuppin Adorable. But we’re here to talk about a lot of stuff. Kendra covers a lot. So, Kendra, thank you for coming on the show. I really am grateful to you. Tell me a little bit about you.


Speaker 2  05:45

Thanks for having me. Yeah, it’s great to be on. I am a dog lover of 48 years and had all these wonderful dogs’ stories and experiences in my brain and decided to write them down and some other musings in Motherpuppin Adorable: What to Do When Your Dog Is Better Than Everyone Else’s?


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I love it. 48 years with dogs? Can you even say you have a favorite?


Speaker 2  06:21

I don’t think so. You know, there’s one that kind of rises to the top of the list. A fabulous Great Dane named Alice. And she had the most amazing quirks and she wiggles you know, as Great Danes do…. I don’t know if it’s their size or their personality…. Like all dogs but more seemingly more special wrap up finds a place in your heart. You know, her funny quirks would be like she could turn on the remote and watch television. And you know as Danes do they sit in your lap and sit beside you on the couch? And they’re just a fun breed. So if there were any, I think it would be her.



Speaker 1  07:08

Yeah, they are pretty adorable. And I think all their movements because they’re so Gangly are is so exaggerated, which this next more humor to the situation. They are super cute.


Well, why don’t we just go ahead and get started here? Because I know we’ll never have enough time to cover everything. So I’ve got to get move in. Kendra, why did you write Motherpuppin Adorable.


Speaker 2  07:40

You know, Cindy, it was really kind of interesting as I was…. Obviously I love dogs and looking love to read and looking for the book about dogs that are fun and engaging. You know, we all have dogs because they make us laugh. We know life is better with a dog. But, you know, as I surveyed the landscape of books available, they’re quite serious, you know, training behavior. And so I thought, hey, why not?


Certainly my life with dogs hasn’t been about that. Or about the things that go wrong and the things that are funny and how to navigate life with a dog from travel to dating, and as I started to remember all these things and put it on paper and it was really just about celebration of dogs and poking fun at ourselves for how they essentially rule our lives and we anthropomorphize them, and really, it just meant to be a fine light tongue in cheek read for people.


Speaker 1  08:54

It’s refreshing of what I have read. It’s perfect timing is refreshing and I guess I kind of am…. I mean, I feel the exact same way that you do about dogs but maybe I do need to lighten up a bit.


Honestly [laughter] I caught myself free new stuff going who I don’t know about that. But then you know, reading in context I’m like, You know what? I needed to hear Motherpuppin Adorable today for sure. So it is great. And I’m sure that applies to at least half of our audience too because we’re all taking care of all these adorable babies and you just don’t want to make one wrong step so if all of us need to read this this just to lighten up a hair. Go ahead and tell us about Motherpuppin Adorable and take all the time you want?


Speaker 2  09:59

Sure. So, you know, as I started writing, you know, I have a day job. So, it was a labor of love very early in the morning, it soon develops into 21 chapters of just fun tips of navigating life with your dog. And so, we do hit on making your dog a Instagram influencer, creating a brand for your dog, accessories diet, support, you know, many of your listeners are in the support game, you know, we have funny things like what not to say to your dog groomer, and so I’m sure I could have gotten some feedback from that, but I’ve struggled a bit with my neighborly relations and pets, right?


Dating, how to navigate a dating life and even your online dating profile, which is, you know, a new thing that’s coming across people or people are identifying whether they’ve had a COVID shot, that’s the first thing that they’re changing on there. But really, the people contemplating about should I put my dog in my profile picture. So we’ve got a funny thing…. You know, I put a funny thing in there about what to and what not to put on your dating profile, all related to dogs. And then celebrating dogs in the media and how they’ve changed and open our lives, and then, terminology, I think we’ve also established this whole language around in the dog world where we didn’t even realize that we’re using terms that other people may not even understand or understand what they’re talking about, you know, it is a culture.


So yeah, it definitely light hearted fun. Meant to just add value to your life in a fun way. But likely, if you want to know how to teach your dog to sit, probably not going to be in this book.


Speaker 1  12:09

You know, we’re laughing about it, okay, but really reading it, you are really giving I mean, you need to give yourself credit. Because these people I mean, like what you’re saying in here, these are my clients, you are right on the nail on the head, but you really are giving great dating tips. You really are telling them how their dog can be an influencer and how they can financially, you know, have a financial gain from that you really are giving them information here.


Speaker 2  12:48

That’s great. I’m glad. I mean, I’m really glad cuz…


Speaker 1  12:50

I mean, there’s value other than the tongue in cheek of it, I want our readers to realize, you know, she really is giving us great tips here. And you know, if you want your dog to be a supermodel, you know what clothing aware…. How to do your Instagram? She’s really giving you great information to get you started. I mean, is that the whole business plan, but she’s given me stuff to get started. My hat’s off to you on net to?


Speaker 2  13:25

Well, thank you. Yeah, it couldn’t all be light and fun. But it’s definitely supposed to put a smile on your face. And hopefully there’s some actual tips there, which people can take to heart and coming at it from a different angle from what they would normally read.


Speaker 1  13:44

Absolutely. And you know, you could look at this, like training as well, this would be something fun to do. There’s all kinds of fun to do things with your dog. If your dog is trained and well behaved. No, I’m just saying, but

Speaker 2  14:00

I’m pretty sure.


Speaker 1  14:01

You know what I mean. Your dog’s going to feel that you’re light hearted about it, and they’re going to enjoy it as well. I know, you told us about Alice, who sounds amazing. Are there any other dogs in your life you want to tell us about?


Speaker 2  14:20

Yeah, I just…. Which probably could have been a main subject of this book. I just recently about four months ago rescued a Great Pyrenees [phonetic 14:30]. And it’s been a marvelous, wonderful experience. And we also have a small rat terrier [phonetic 14:42], a Decker and the two of them together are just fabulous. And so Ruby and Dozer and then I have an older 16-year-old dog, she’s still hanging in there and tries to go hiking with us and do everything but the Great Pyrenees was a new experience. I had been used to great games and rescued many of them. But I wasn’t expanding probably about four. And then my parents have had about five. Yeah, I think this larger breeds, you know, people maybe find them cute as a puppy. And there seems to be a lot of rescues available as they get older.


Speaker 1  15:32

That’s true. Very true. Great Pyrenees, they’re incredible. You know, it did not slip up [phonetic 15:44] the golden retriever.


Speaker 2  15:48

Yeah. But that working dog, you know, luckily, we do have Rant and she was rescued for a purpose. But now I’m finding that we didn’t have sheep. And I’m going to have to get her own sheep herd.


Speaker 1  16:05

I just read a horror story today about a sheep. That head butted a 75-year-old volunteer at this ranch to death. Just to keep them on the light side here. I just read that. Like, what? I don’t know. That’s


Speaker 2  16:24

I think she would put that sheep in its place.


Speaker 1  16:28

Sure, she would. Had she had a Great Pyrenees there. That would not have happened. [crosstalk]


Speaker 2  16:35

Yeah, likely.

Speaker 1  16:38

So, any other dogs? We have Dozer, Ruby?


Speaker 2  16:44

Dozer, Ruby and Zoe are 16-year-old, she was rescued from a kill shelter in the Coachella Valley. And has been with us for 14 years and has been a delight. And, you know, she’s been my running dog for years. And she can’t go obviously anymore. But you know if dogs ever came at me, she’d quickly have them playing and deterred and we’d be on our way. She’s really special, [unintelligible 17:16] raised all my kids and suffered a rider to from that, but she’s been great.


Speaker 1  17:24

Oh, how many kids do you have?


Speaker 2  17:26

I have 2… 6 and 11. Wild boys.


Speaker 1  17:34

I just have one boy, that was plenty [phonetic 17:38]. Well, hey, the holidays are coming. Tell us what you are getting the dogs and the dog lovers on your…. Or what are you going to buy the dogs and the dog lovers on your list?


Speaker 2  17:53

Well, the dog you know, I love baking dog treats around the holidays. And we have some great recipes on our website. The And it’s really fun. You make it into shape. Have them given to other like somewhat like a cookie exchange just don’t get them mixed up, and I think that’s really fun? So we do that for the dogs in our lives. And then for dog lovers. It’s pretty convenient now we have this book to pass on.


Speaker 1  18:30

You know what a great gift this would make absolutely, absolutely…. Oh my goodness gracious! Yes, yes, yes. Do you have a favorite doggy cookie recipe like you go to?


Speaker 2  18:46

Yeah. You know, I like to use some grated carrot, a little oats and some flour, and a couple eggs and a little bit of baking powder. And that just seems to always work for people or dogs.




Speaker 1  19:07

Very true. Well, that sounds delicious. Do you have any holiday pet traditions that you do with all your babies throughout the years?


Speaker 2  19:21

Yeah, I mean, like I said, we do the dog treats. And we like to set out dog stockings for everybody with their name on it. And it’s just really fun around the holidays. I mean, we have kids, so we’re really busy with that. But including the dogs is just natural for us and they’re part of our families and what better way to do that than to include them in our holiday tradition.


Speaker 1  19:50

That sounds about right for anybody with kids. Have you noticed in your research and stuff is there any trend for dogs this year? Like I know, puzzles are really big. Did you happen to see anything that stood out? Like, oh, wow, that’s different.


Speaker 2  20:13

Yeah, I’ve noticed a lot of like cute dog toys that kind of move themselves. And I’ve been kind of interested about that. They’re interactive dog toys. [crosstalk]Yeah, those are kind of interesting even balls. But you know, another fun thing to do is also just make your own, like by using an old t shirt or something. And a tennis ball in and braid the end. And then it’s a bit of tug of war, a bit of a [unintelligible 20:52] toy. And that’s a you know, you could use some holiday material and do something like that, and a little gift basket as well.


Speaker 1  21:00

True. I noticed a lot of the balls that are interactive, that kind of roll around like something’s inside of it. It seems like most of our dogs that I’ve seen with that type of toy, they have a tendency to get almost OCD and manic [phonetic 21:22] over them. It always seems to be the labs. You know they can never get enough just one more time and it’s kind of like a dog shadow chasing same thing.


Speaker 2  21:35

Yeah, I don’t have a really ball excited dog. So is curious about that. So that’s kind of interesting. I would imagine it would do that with any dog that’s really excited by ball throwing.


Speaker 1  21:50

Right… Fetch, [phonetic 21:54] retrieving something like that. True. Let me check my time here. How about we need to take a break, we could take a break right now and then we can pick up and start… I’d like to talk a little bit more about the book that’s okay with you.


Speaker 2  22:12



Speaker 2  22:13

Because I feel like there’s really a lot of great content in there for our readers. That’s just [crosstalk 22:20]. So we’ll come back. Let’s take a break real quick, everybody. Come back in two minutes, you’re going to want to hear more about the mother pup in adorable book that you’re going to want for Christmas.


Speaker 1  22:46

It’s Cindy here and I have all kinds of resources to help you raise your furry family members. Come visit me at where I have an e book that helps you introduce your dog to a new dog and get the relationship started right. Dogs have unique needs and ways of understanding the world. Your best friend is counting on you to understand him or her. So get my eBook and help your puppy make friends. It’s ocial


Hi, it’s Cindy. Give me a call and today’s live show by dialing a U.S number 1-760-456-7277. That’s 1-760-456-7077. I love to answer your questions or share tips to help you understand your dog.




Speaker 1  24:11

Hello, everybody, we’re back with Kendra Clark, the fabulous author of Motherpuppin Adorable. And we’re going to go back and we’re going to discuss a little bit more about the book such as tell us about dating with dogs? That topic sounds great.


Speaker 2  24:31

Yeah, so I don’t know. I’m sure all of us have had to date with dogs. And it occurred to me even when I met my husband, obviously he was a dog lover. But I did have Alice at the time and it’s a bit like you know trying to tell them that you have a child at home. And so it occurred to me like, when is the best time? And to bring that up, and what would be deal killers? What if his reaction and how he behaved and so, you know, we talk about that in the book in different things, you know, he was raised with a mother that was very strict about having dogs outside. And so I have little fun, little quiz in there about how to choose your mate, it comes down to two, and different things that they do that may indicate their love of dogs, and how life will be if you choose which one, so you tried to take it from us a fun perspective. But it is kind of a serious issue. You’re making a selection, and you obviously have this life love of dogs. And so it’s how everything really does fit together.


Speaker 1  26:01

That’s very, very true. So what’s the deal breaker? Name one deal breaker for me, for all?


Speaker 2  26:11

Well, for some people, it may be that they actually have a love of cat. Historically, dog and cat people have viewed themselves very different and in two very different kind of like a political system. But you know, for me that that wouldn’t necessarily be a dog, a deal killer, as long as both parties could deal with one or the other. But we have funny deal killers, they don’t notice your first date, you include the dog and you go to the dog park, and they don’t really pay attention to the dog or make a comment about your training abilities with respect to your dog. Similar, so I tried to think of way what would be deal killers if you had a child and someone made comments about their discipline? And things like that? Many of us that would really be…. It’s a good metaphor.


Speaker 1  27:17

Yes, absolutely. So it’s good to talk about nutrition. One of your sections is about nutrition necessities. And also, I noticed that you do discuss CBD a lot on your site, and you sell it as well. Is that correct?


Speaker 2  27:39

Yeah, I do. We do have CBD available on our site. The nutrition portion of the book is really about high quality nutrition and even celebrate certain pet heroes, we call them, such as Mary Strauss, who’s got, that really helps and supports people on a more serious level about nutrition. But also just about kind of poking fun at the whole way that the dog food industry has been created. And to bring an awareness to it about quality ingredients, that’s really the goal, and that ways that we can go wrong. And we have a fine illustration about how do signs your pet could use a food upgrade. I mean, it’s all factual, but we’re trying to bring it to you, I was trying to bring it in a really fun light. And know that you know, quality is… Which all of your listeners would know that quality is number one, and we can be duped just like in the people food industry. These are companies, most companies they’re not for profit, they’re trying to make a profit. And when they’re doing that, it’s usually trying to pass off substandard ingredients that are cheaper. And so it’s analyzing what those terms could mean to you, and understanding labels.


Speaker 1  29:22

So see that right there in itself is worth buying the book for right there. Every dog owner need…. This is important information. I think what happens is, you know, we’ve just been programmed to go to the grocery store, go to the dog food section or the pet store, pick a bag of kibble and bring it home. That’s what we all grew up with. Well, maybe not all of us, most of us. But all of that stuff 99.9% of it is crap. It really is. series no nutritional value at all. I mean, there are exceptions to the rule, but it might be like 5% of the dry dog food on the market right now. So for that matter right there, and everybody knows how I feel about nutrition and stuff that makes it very worthwhile to check out the website, the popular pets with the And then the Also, because the more water in the cleaner the water our animals drink in a better quality food we feed them the longer they’re going to live. Okay, I love that. That’s amazing.


Are any of your dogs like your 16-year-old dog? I’m sure you have on CBD.


Speaker 2  30:53

Yeah. So CBD, the genesis behind the book. And the popular pet is really, you know, creating lasting memories with your pet in making life more enjoyable. We all love our pets. But if there’s a way that we can prolong life, make our pets more comfortable. Obviously, our relationship will be fostered by that. And so CBD is one of those in my mind…. I’m not a vet, but…. That each of our dogs just like people have an endocannabinoid system, and it reacts significantly to CBD. And we’ve really been harmed by the lack of actual science that is starting to come. And right now we’re driven mostly by anecdotal evidence that CBD really does support our pets. And it’s an easy add to a wellness routine. And it’s supporting people and pets and science is catching up to the anecdotal evidence. With right now, no known side effects at all. And so…


Speaker 1  32:10

Go ahead. I’m sorry. Go ahead.


Speaker 2  32:12

Yeah, so our 16-year-old Zoey, you know, I can’t stop her from going out walking with me and hiking, and CBD definitely makes her more comfortable. For her age, she’s had ACL. And she just keeps tracking. And I have to believe that, a regular use of our relief plus that we have on our website, which we’ve also added Yucca, MSM and Boswellia too which are also known anti-inflammatory, really is an inflammation fighter. CBD has been studied and there is research to support its inflammation fighting capabilities, which is the basis of arthritis.


Speaker 1  33:04

Right. What about the CBD. Where do you actually… Where’s it coming from? Or does it have like you hear a lot of people are fearful of it that it’s not monitored for quality control, blah, blah, blah…


Speaker 2  33:22

Yeah, and that’s a great point. I’m so happy you brought that up. Because CBD just like any other supplement today, you don’t even when you create vitamin C or any other thing, the FDA doesn’t mandate where that vitamin C comes from, and it is the same as CBD. So you do have to be careful. And there’s different types. You know, now you can see liposomal vitamin C and CBD which is what we have because it absorbs faster, but you really want to pay attention. It’s particularly important with a hemp plant. So you can have CBD from the cannabis plant, which may have THC in it. But if you’re talking about CBD from hemp, for it to be legal to be sold outside of a dispensary system, I’m in California, so it would be less than 0.3% THC and that’s what our dogs should have. They shouldn’t have any THC and it should not be psychoactive.


So you want to pay attention to that like as a very basic and then the hemp plant is very fascinating and it is actually being used to clean up in places because the root system can uptake and bring out chemicals and soil. So you want to really make sure that the quality and that it’s being grown in the United States, manufactured in the United States, and then then it will be from clean farmland, and it will be you tested over four times for purity and quality for things that it shouldn’t have, including heavy metals. And so you really want to be careful about that. And make sure that you’re buying any CBD from a quality source. But that’s nothing different from any other supplement you’d give your pet or yourself.


Speaker 1  35:18

Got you. So Kendra, since you’re so knowledgeable, just like, I don’t know, if you heard our affiliates in the beginning, I was talking about making sure if you’re going to lodge your baby somewhere, make sure they’re PACCC certified, because there’s nothing like that in the animal care industry. Is there something like that for the CBD industry? Because I kind of feel like, I’m 100% behind you. And I know, a ton of our listeners are too. But there’s also like, how do you know like, I know I can go to your website. And I know that stuff is good. But say like, other people, like I feel like that really hurts people from trying the product because they feel skeptical. So, I’m asking, is there a certification of some kind on CBD products that we can [crosstalk]


Speaker 2  36:17

Yeah, for cultivator, for actual growers, there is the hemp authority. And so that is one certification. But honestly, at this point, the best bet for your listeners that they do want to try go to a site where you can access the actual test, and you can see if it’s going to be pure, if it’s pure, and so you can email customer service and ask if they have the actual testing for the product. And that will tell you so much about where you’re buying and how you’re getting your CBD.


Speaker 1  36:53

And if a little how will it tell you what this come out and tell you how pure it is? Is that the result of the tests?





Speaker 2  37:01

Yeah. So they’ll have a heavy metals analysis because you can you can test anything for what should be in there. Like it’s 100% CBD concentrate, but it’s really the things that shouldn’t be in there, like heavy metals, and any test will be have those sorts of things on there.


Speaker 1  37:24

Got you! that was great. Thank you. What is your favorite tool that enhances your relationship with your dogs at this time? Your favorite go to would that be?


Speaker 2  37:42

Yeah, you know, I was really hoping it was going to be this new Halo color [phonetic 37:48] that I got my dog. But it just hasn’t been… I would have to say right now it’s tree [phonetic 37:58]


Speaker 1  37:59

What kind of trees [phonetic 38:00] would that be?


Speaker 2  38:03

They can be homemade tree [phonetic 38:04]. You know, I like to with our products, it’s a spray. And so it’s really easy to spray a little CBD on a tree [phonetic 38:13] and have a instant CBD tree that you know it’s fresh and the treats that they really enjoy. So that’s an idea.


Speaker 1  38:22

It’s really cool. You need to tell us about that. I’ve never seen spray doggy CBD.


Speaker 2  38:30

Yeah. So, as a dog lover and wanting to, you know, add value to the CBD industry and pet lovers. I noticed at the very beginning…. I was actually an attorney working in the CBD industry. I noticed…. I was working on all these deals with these CBD companies and they were all the same. They were an oil based tincture that came in and a very like and it occurred to me like why? First of all, any oil based item has to work its way through your entire dog’s body including being processed by the liver to be absorbed. So the dogs can actually get very little on that just seems logical. And then also the difficulty of using a glass dropper around pet and getting them to stand still. And you know, people were telling me stories about having to take two of them to get medicines in there talk. And I was like Gosh, there’s another way to skin this cat and so that’s where I worked with a biochemist to come up with a water soluble CBD spray. It gets immediately absorbed in the body. So we have two formulas. One for calm and one for relief plus, to reduce inflammation and it’s chicken flavor. You lift up the dog’s lip and you spray the correct amount in there and based on weight, and honestly you can’t… There’s been no studies or support to show that you can even overdose on CBD. So you know you just play around each dog’s body is different. And that’s how ours work. And we’ve tried to also integrate other botanicals into both formulas of known and researched ingredients that will also help us support your dog.


Speaker 1  40:18

And of the dog state other than arthritis anxiety; is there any other thing that you’ve noticed that people with dogs are trying the CBD spray for?


Speaker 2  40:34

I think those are really the two prevalence. I had someone reach out that their dog was… There was a bit of aggression, and it seemed to calm them. Separation anxiety. But again, that’s just a form of anxiety. So those are really the two forums, I find it really helpful just in new situations, long travel or road trips.


Speaker 1  41:03



Speaker 2  41:04

things like that. Yeah, it’s really helpful. And then, you know, just like, any posts, vet treatment or surgery, you know, it really does help. I actually…. My son has been feeling under the weather and I gave him some of the dogs [unintelligible 41:21] really blessed this morning?


Speaker 1  41:29

That’s funny. What about stomach issues? Would it help any IBS type situation?


Speaker 2  41:38

Yeah, there is some research that actually indicates that CBD because of the relaxing effects, that it does support those sorts of issues. There is some studies to support that. I personally have never used it that way myself. But there is some people particular research coming out about [unintelligible 42:01] and things like that.


Speaker 1  42:04

Okay, I want to mention the website one more time, it’s the popular pets with an And you can get some spray CBD for your dog and just spray your dog’s gum or cat. And how cool is that? Especially if your baby has arthritis or anxiety for sure. Let’s see. I think we have a few more minutes. Make sure you answered everything. What is your favorite thing to do with a dog?


Speaker 2  42:39

No, I love outdoor time. Well, there’s two very different things I love. So one I really enjoy hikes, I take our dogs hiking, we have a large property and at least once a day up into the hills and really enjoy them, watching them, chasing and play and have fun, you know, it just makes it give you a smile, puts a smile on your face. And then I really love just settling in for a cuddle to the other extreme. And especially with my great pure knees. That fluffy hair is really, really great.


Speaker 1  43:22

Yeah, they are amazing. Okay, how about… Let’s see, we talk… Where can we get the book at?


Speaker 2  43:34

Yeah, so the book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and any large retailer. Amazon seems to be the easiest for most people. And if you simply just type in Motherpuppin. It’ll come up in the search.


Speaker 1  43:56

There you go. Can’t get easier than that. And then again, the Looking over questions again, how about this for decor do’s and don’ts? Designing a perfectly tailored home? Just as crack me up…. For you and your dog what would you say is 1 one of your top 10 decor ideas for our fabulous babies?


Speaker 2  44:27

Oh my gosh, so many, but you know what I really have learned to love with kids and dogs is a microfiber couch. It’s easy to clean. It doesn’t seem to stain as much and my dogs will just never be ones that won’t fit on me with on the sofa with me. So, I just love that. You know we’ve tried leather. We’ve tried various other things for their durability, and nothing really beats microfiber.


Speaker 1  45:04

Okay, I have the background that too. Does your pup stand out? How to create your pups perfect personal blend? Give us one tip.


Speaker 2  45:20

You know, I think it really is…. We’re talking about branding, right? And prestige your pets personal brand. And I really think that socialization is key, right? And your listeners will really [crosstalk]


Speaker 1  45:40

pay either.


Speaker 2  45:43

Yeah. And, you know, I make light of a lot of this stuff. But honestly, the basis is having a well-trained dog, like your dog can’t be an influencer, and your dog won’t be on Instagram if they don’t have some basic socialization and training. And that’s just the way it is. And we’ve got some funny diagrams in the book about a dog’s brain and a well socialized dog versus a non-well socialized dog. And so it really is… It is the basis training and socialization, I make light of a lot of this stuff, but you can’t do much of it without that.


Speaker 1  46:29

So well put. All right, we are running out of time? We could talk forever. Is there anything you want to share with our clients? Or any final last words?


Speaker 2  46:45

Yeah, so you know, we’ve mentioned it before the, “Motherpuppin Adorable: What to Do When your Dog is Better than Everyone Else’s.” Get your friends a copy for the holidays and yourself one too, and tuck in with your pet. And then thank you so much for sharing your day with me.


Speaker 1  47:07

It was great. Thanks for coming on Kendra. And I can’t wait to get my copy.


Speaker 2  47:14

So absolutely.


Speaker 1  47:17

Thank you and hello make sure you tell all of your babies hello from us. And this is going to be a wrap today for the social dog show you want to stay on. Because Venus and Drag [phonetic 47:31] is coming on next and you don’t want to miss that show. It’s quite funny and educational. Other than that, have a doggone great day and much love to.


Speaker 1  47:55

If you love today’s episode, would you do me a favor and rate it on iTunes. It’s a way to give back just a simple star rating will do. And of course, if you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions, I’d love to hear that to email me at I’m always looking for new, healthy, heart centered resources and ideas to explore for our canine friends.


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