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Steps to Help You Choose the Best Dog Groomer; A Complete Guide

Keeping your dog looking his best like a true Popular Pet family member requires proper grooming for overall health, happiness and well-being. But finding that best pet groomer to be a cherished member of your Popular Pet’s team can be difficult.  

With that being said, some people do grooming at home, but it takes a lot of careful handling to groom a pet properly, and may require attending Dog Grooming School or watching some instructional videos and then proceeding very carefully. On the other hand, some pet lovers look for professional and experienced dog groomer or mobile dog groomer to groom their dogs. 

According to the American Kennel Club if you have a poodle, Bichon Frise, Afghan hounds, Portuguese water dogs, puli and komondor then you may be on the search for the best dog groomer more than others but  there is 103,996 pet groomers in the US so finding the best groomer is clearly on many other to do list as well.

One needs to be selective when finding the best pet groomer to work on their loved dog.  According to, in California, Daphna Nachminovitch, senior vice president of cruelty investigations for PETA, anybody can open a storefront and say they’re a groomer or a trainer. There are no requirements or certifications that they have to have but at the same time she also sees a lot if injuries, more than you would think she says.  

Given this we put together a quick checklist to find help you find the best pet groomer for the loved one in your care:


  1. Internet search.  Search on the Internet Google gets flooded with a lot of websites or links that provide grooming services and have professional mobile dog groomers when you just search for a trustworthy pet groomer. Check out the reviews and ratings prior to reaching out and if the reviews represent people with various different dog breeds that have had positive experiences.  Also ask your veterinarian and doggie daycare for any referrals to the best pet groomer. 
  2. Review Background.  Experience matters when you’re looking for a competent person to take care of your pup. Always ask the groomer about their experience with your dogs specific breed.  
  3. Check affiliations and associations. It is a plus point if the groomer belongs to any reputable pet grooming organizations or has any extra certifications.  Groomers can now get accredited with online classes, which although convenient, will not have provided a lot of hands-on experience.  
  4. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints against the salon.  

The professional or experienced groomer will put your puppy at ease and provide a friendly environment. Also, dog groomers must know how to deal with different temperaments, health problems, different coat types and general behavior and responses. 

Check Products and Notice the environment 

Hygiene is extremely crucial, whether it’s for humans or pets. Check if the dog groomer has a tidy and safe place. Does he use quality products? Are they organic and gentle? Since one of the largest complaints from dog lovers leaving a groomers is skin irritations it is good to review the products that are used.  The wrong product can provide harm to your pet’s so make sure the groomer uses the best quality shampoos, trimmers, and other tools.  Clippers that remain unsharpened can be very uncomfortable for your dog when visiting the groomer.  

The Bottom Line

Your pet is an important part of your family, so he has a right to look healthy and fabulous.  Every grooming experience must be safe, enjoyable, and calm for dogs and the odds of that occurring are with a careful search and selection of a pet groomer. 

Final thought.  

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