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Teaching Your Dog to Play Frisbee: Will Your Dog be the Next Disco Dog Champ?

Teaching your dog to play frisbee is one of the many great ways to bond with your pup. However, teaching your dogs to play any game can be tricky and fun at the same time but if done well you and your pet could be competing in disc dog competitions.

Teaching your dog to play frisbee is a great way to exercise your dog, connect with your dog, and promote mental health and happiness.  Teaching your dog to play frisbee is an amazing activity for those dog breeds that love to run, catch and retrieve but any dog can learn how to play frisbee.

We have come up with an informative guide on how to teach a dog to catch a Frisbee. Stay tuned to learn some easy steps to have your dog play with a flying disc and enjoy it for years to come and maybe even compete in dog frisbee competitions.

Step One Teaching Your Dog to Play Frisbee: Introducing Your Pup to the Frisbee

Unlike other pets, many pups don’t need extra incentives to show their interest in a particular game; they will be enticed merely by the sight of a new attractive toy.

Even so, when teaching your dog frisbee don’t immediately throw the Frisbee in your pup’s direction; instead, offer it to him so that he can get familiar with it and understand that the Frisbee can be carried and rolled around on the ground.

When starting out, also make sure the Frisbee is soft and the perfect size for your best friend like the Chuck it disc. Many puppies may have soft teeth and a hard and heavier frisbee may discourage them from playing with the disc and instead turn into a chew toy.

Begin teaching your dog to play frisbee by tossing the flying disk lightly, but only a few feet away, so your dog isn’t frightened by it striking the ground or flying in the air.

Also, use some phrases such as “catch” or ‘fetch” so that your pup can understand what he has to do.  Some experts even suggest starting with a sock or other soft object so that your dog learns how to retrieve prior to starting with the frisbee.

When your dog does properly retrieve the disc, get excited and praise him emphatically. Try to make every single move more fun and exhilarating while playing with your pup. Your consistent behavior can help you learn how to teach a dog to catch a Frisbee.

Step Two Teaching Your Dog to Play Frisbee: Find a Perfect Location

A large space is not important when initially teaching your dog how to play frisbee but as your pet gets more experienced a large space will be necessary. A big space with lesser distractions can help your dog enjoy the Frisbee game more.

Dog Frisbee
A large space in a park or beach without distractions is perfect place to practice frisbee with your dog

A pet park or a big fenced-in backyard is the perfect place to teach your dog a new trick. Choose a secluded area away from other pets and distractions, especially when first starting out teaching your dog to play frisbee while visiting the pet park so that he has the best chance of focusing on the frisbee.

Additional Tips for How to Teach Your Dog Frisbee

In the event your dog does not take immediate interest in the frisbee disc:

  • You can have some Learn how to make CBD peanut butter. on the edges of the Frisbee (be careful about teaching him to chew the frisbee though.)
  • You can hold a treat and give him a disc and say “give it to me”. Try to take the disc from your pet and, in return, offer him a treat. This rewarding action can intensify his desire to learn the game. Make sure you only give him a treat when he returns the Frisbee.
  •  Stay patient and do everything calmly until these drills become a game for your dog. As soon as your dog becomes familiar with the frisbee and the concept of returning it, you can increase the distance and throw the disc higher in the air.

Is Your Dog Ready for a Disc Dog Competition: Disc Dog Competition Bound?

According to the American Kennel Club, Disc Dog is an exciting, fast-paced, fun sport that all dogs and people can enjoy. The AKC refers to Disc Dog as, UpDog, a sport that has taken the basic game of fetch with a flying disc and expanded it into a whole bunch of fun games!

Dogs of any breed, type, size or shape can play and be successful. If your dog can fetch, your dog can play UpDog! Dogs get points in every game and cumulative points earn UpDog Achievements (called “UPs”). Once you have earned a medal UP in at least 3 games you can apply for the AKC Disc Dog titles using the Title Application.

When your pets are regularly involved in physical activities such as frisbee, running and games, they will be happier and more confident. With these training techniques that will help you teach your dog to play frisbee, not only may your pet be able to compete in competitive disc dog tournaments but he will be more in tune with you and have learned a new skill imparting further happiness to you and your family.

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