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The Best CBD Dog Joint Supplements: How To Reduce Your Dogs’ Pain Naturally and Quickly

If you are interested in the best CBD dog joint supplements, like us, you have seen your dog in pain.  Maybe he is a bit slower than normal or having a harder time getting out of his bed or walking on slippery surfaces and you realize he is aging too quickly, like our dog Zooey.

We are not alone, the American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that one in five dogs (20%) experience joint issues in their lifetimes, resulting in pain and possible mobility challenges.  The quest to reduce joint pain naturally led us on a search to find the best natural dog joint supplement which in turn led us to search for the best CBD dog joint supplement for the pups in our care and we found it!

 Read on to learn more.

What Causes Joint Pain in Dogs?

Joint pain is caused by developmental caused by issues with the joint or ligament in development or degenerative joint pain that is caused by use and age.  Your pup’s knees, hips, elbows, wrists and neck are all susceptible to joint pain, especially if he is particularly active, has a history of being overweight, or is a larger breed dog.

Dog joint
Joint pain can be degenerative or developmental

According to Fetch by Webmd, joint problems in dogs fall into two major categories: developmental and degenerative.

Developmental dog joint pain

Developmental dog joint pain occurs when the joint or ligament does not develop correctly causing it to not function as intended. Developmental joint pain problems, often lead to hip or elbow dysplasia, where the joint does not develop correctly in a number of different ways.

Degenerative joint pain

Degenerative dog joint issues on the other hand, causes the ligaments around your dog’s joints to “degenerate” (or regress) over time and they can start to break down and cause discomfort and inflammation for your dog also making him less mobile and more prone to injury.  Degenerative issues are the most common cause of arthritis in dogs, and may cause cruciate ligament problems, where the ligament is degenerating over time and causing instability and secondary osteoarthritis.

The Problem with Dog Joints

When our dogs are in pain and discomfort it is hard for them to do the things that they love – like go for a walk, go up and down stairs, jump on and off the sofa, and even do basic business in their yard. To help your dog, you need a holistic approach to their health, one that doesn’t involve drugs or surgery. Healthy joints work together to deliver a lifetime of pain relief – not pain and fear and discomfort.

dog agility

Why Do We Need a CBD Dog Joint Supplement?

Fortunately, no dog has to suffer with chronic pain. Science has given us a whole host of options to lessen the pain associated with joint problems in dogs. If your dog has been diagnosed with joint pain, one of the best things you can do for him is make sure that he has a comfortable area to sleep and relax, provide supplements for support and maintain a healthy weight. (See our article on The Best CBD Joint Supplements How to Reduce Your Dog’s Pain Naturally)

Many dog lovers have turned to prescription anti-inflammatory medication, such as carprofen, meloxicam, deracoxib, galliprant and other prescription pain medication to relieve pain as we tried as well.  However, according to the FDA, Veterinary NSAIDS may be associated with gastrointestinal ulcers/perforations, liver, and kidney toxicity.  The FDA advises that serious side effects associated with the use of NSAIDs can occur with or without warning and, in some cases, result in death.

Given this, and that our pets trust us to make the right decisions for them, we were encouraged by the plentiful Benefits of CBD for Dogs. and scientific research surrounding the benefits and use of CBD for pets to manage pain.

Dog study
Research studies found that CBD is bioavailable to dogs

How CBD Works for Dogs

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis or hemp that does not get a dog high. CBD has been scientifically proven to effectively help dogs with pain and inflammation. Your dog has a CB-1 receptor system which reacts to the ingestion of CBD to address pain and inflammation.  CBD is a well researched natural and powerful anti-inflammatory.

Our Pick for the Best CBD Dog Joint Supplements

Many websites are popping up that promise to alleviate your dog’s pain, and improve his overall health. We extensively researched CBD dog joint supplements and we’ve put our paws on a few of them to see which works best for your pet.

We’ve also compiled a list of some excellent quality CBD products to support your dog to reduce pain and inflammation. To help us find the best CBD dog joint supplements, we are going to take a look at two main types: hemp CBD ingestible and hemp CBD topical supplements.

When we look at the top choices for you we consider the following:

  1. Method of delivery.  We tend to steer away from glass droppers and clumsy ways to incorporate wellness into your pets life as we always think that it will be more likely to not be used if it is not easy and simple.  Consistency with most products is best.
  2. Quality. We look for products that are grown and made in the USA.  There are several cheap CBD products available from China.  We also ensure that products are tested more than once for purity and quality.
  3. Includes other known anti-inflammatory ingredients.  CBD is one powerful anti-inflammatory product that we know of but there are many powerful natural products on the market that have also been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation.  Why not combine the power of other known anti-inflammatories to get the best dog CBD joint supplement for your pet?
  4. Efficiency.  When we review products we like to know that it actually makes it into your pets system.   CBD is oil based and when left in its oil form and given to your pet orally it needs to be fully digested leaving only a small amount of that given that enters your dog’s body and goes to work.   With water soluble versions the body readily absorbs the ingredients which work faster and fully enter your pets body to start making change faster.

The hemp CBD ingestible product winner!

Relieve – Plus hemp spray for dogs (also available for cats) is a water soluble hemp spray, free of THC, tested over 3 times for purity and made and grown in the United States.  Formulated by a biochemist to be the most efficient and effective with not only CBD but the powerful anti-inflammatory benefits of Boswellia, MSM, and Yucca.

The hemp CBD ingestible product winner!

Relieve – Plus hemp spray for dogs (also available for cats) is a water soluble hemp spray, free of THC, tested over 3 times for purity and made and grown in the United States.  Formulated by a biochemist to be the most efficient and effective with not only CBD but the powerful anti-inflammatory benefits of Boswellia, MSM, and Yucca.


It can be hard to make the right choices for our pets and be confident that our selections and hard money will help our furry friends.  Relieve Plus hemp CBD pain and wellness spray and Relieve Plus CBD hemp pain and wellness gel are our choice for the best CBD dog joint supplements that we have found to provide relief and happier pets.

Is CBD Good For Dog Joints?

Yes, CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and therefore helps both degenerative and developmental joint issues in dogs. Dogs are being supported by CBD for joints since it reduces the inflammation and therefore dogs seem to experience reduced pain and increased mobility when taking certain CBD products like Relieve-Plus CBD hemp spray for dogs.

What is the best CBD for Dogs with Joint Pain?

The best CBD for dogs with joint pain is any CBD that is pure, tested, made in the USA and bioavailable for dogs. Products like Relieve-Plus CBD hemp spray for dogs meets this criteria and is bioavailable CBD for dogs due to its nano-molecule size far more than CBD oils.

What is the best supplement for joint pain in dogs?

There are many great supplements for joint pain in dogs including Boswellia, MSM for dogs, green lipped mussels and turmeric for dogs and of course CBD from hemp. Our CBD from hemp also includes powerful inflammation fighting Boswellia and MSM.