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The Happiest Dog Breeds – Top Dog Breed Choices to Bring Added Joy

Our furry friends already add joy to our lives and some dog breeds due to their inherent happy nature may even add more.

Dogs’ characters are enriched with joy and adventure that make us happy. But do you know that there are a few dog breeds that are considered the happiest dog breeds because they are seemingly happier than others? 

If that sounds interesting and you are searching for “what is the happiest dog breed?” look no further.  A day at the park or beach may be more enjoyable with these happiest dog breeds.  Let’s discover the happiest dog breeds that can add joy and why they are considered to be such happy dogs.

Happy Dog Breed Bichon Frise

This little cutie is one of the happiest small breed dogs and will always remind you of a little attractive teddy bear sitting along your bedside. 


Bichon Frise are the round-faced pups’ that usually make you smile when they come through your Instagram feed.  These floofy companions also impart instant happiness on their keepers. They are full of energy and seem to have a happy friendly face with a perpetual smile which makes a Bichon Frise extremely special.

Happy Dog Breed Irish Setter


Some may think that cuteness is reserved for smaller dogs but the Irish Setter is also one of the happiest breeds of dog even though it is a larger breed.


Irish Setters are famously known for their tremendous energy and excessive agility. Call them a hundred times a day, and they will be in front of you instantly. The responsive nature of the Irish Setter makes the charges of Irish Setters feel special and delighted as their positive energy.  the Irish Setters willingness to please seems contagious putting Irish Setters on the list of one of the happiest dog breeds.  


Happiest Dog Breed Boxer


Boxer is one of the largest dog breeds making the happiest dog breed list and famous for imparting happiness. They are loyal dogs and a great choice for families. If you are looking for the best dog breeds to become part of your family, then boxers are an optimal choice because of their affectionate personality. They are known to often make playful sounds of enjoyment which always brings a smile.  



Happiest Dog Breed Bedlington Terrier


Terriers in general are some of the happiest dog breeds and also some of the oldest dog breeds which were famous for their hunting skills.  


Bedlington Terriers, in particular, are well-known for their affectionate nature. Their loving personality makes them cuddle their family of dog lovers and also run happily when on beaches or in parks.


Bedlington Terriers are a happy small breed dog and also loved by a lot of people due to their stunning and unique looks.  


Happiest Dog Breed Maltese


Once you see a Maltese, your search for the happiest dog breeds will end. Maltese are considered among the cleanest dog breeds as well.


You can call this breed twin to Bichon Frise because of their size and fur, but Maltese possess extremely smooth hairs instead of curly, as in the case of Bichon. Maltese make the happiest dog breed list due to their kissable, gentle and loving nature.


Happiest Dog Breed Bearded Collie


From the family of Collies, the Bearded Collie is one of the most attractive dogs on the happiest dog breed list. Their hairs are unique, with a lovely mustache giving them a smiling face. Their favorite hobby is running and cuddling on the feet of their owners. Along with running, they are obedient and intelligent, so you can teach them fun tricks.


Bearded Collie has proven to be a perfect blend of love and happiness.     


When you are on the search for your next furry pal consider those on the happiest dog breed list to bring you an even bigger smile and extra fun.  



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