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The Latest Science-Backed Research for Pet Hemp CBD Products

We get asked a lot about whether or not there are research studies that support the benefits of CBD for pets.

Fawn pug dog facing camera and lying on the ground.

The question about whether there is science to support the benefits of CBD for pets is a completely fair and reasonable question.   Notedly, the scientific research supporting the benefits of CBD for pets did fall behind the large amount of anecdotal evidence that supported the benefits of CBD for pets mostly due to the prolonged historical if illegality of hemp.

Now that hemp and CBD from hemp is legal on a Federal level, the body of science is quickly growing.  Here is a summary of some important research related to pets and CBD from hemp.

Scientific Research Hemp CBD Benefits for Pets

Colorado State Research Studies Most Effective Way to Give Dogs CBD

A clinical trial conducted at  Colorado State University was performed to test the most effective way to give CBD to dogs by testing three different ways to administer CBD in thirty dogs; CBD-infused oil, microencapsulated oil beads, and CBD-infused transdermal cream.

The conclusion found absorbing CBD-infused through the mucus membrane of the mouth as the most effective way for pets to ingest CBD.

Learn more about the principles of Bioavailability in our article on Nano CBD and if you need it.

Pitbull type dog lying on a vet table with a vet in a blue smock and blue latex gloves with a syringe in her hand.
Research studies found that CBD is bioavailable to dogs and they can absorb CBD into their bodies through all types of products. Ingesting in the mouth is the most effective.

This is interesting news but unfortunately the study did not review the increased bioavailability options of water soluble CBD from Hemp like those in Relieve Plus and Calm, hemp CBD spray products offered by The Popular Pets. Water soluble products, like Relieve Plus and Calm that have been manufactured in the USA to be a very small particle form are the most absorbable by pets and therefore the most effective.

Research Studies on Dog Arthritis and CBD

Arthritis is extremely prevalent in pets and reported in our article Three Tips for Managing Pet Arthritis, 1-5 dogs experiences arthritis. This pervasive issue for pets makes any study surrounding arthritis and a way for pets to experience relief with CBD is extremely important.

A recent clinical trial at  Baylor College of Medicine  shows that CBD treatment significantly improved arthritic pain in dogs and increased activity. A similar study in 2018 at  Cornell University made the same claim that CBD improved arthritis allowing dogs to be more active, which is especially important for our senior dogs that experience arthritis as they age as one of 11 most prevalent health issues of aging dogs.

Research Studies on Dog Epilepsy and CBD

Treating epilepsy with CBD is showing similar favorable results in epileptic dogs as in humans. A Colorado State University  clinical trial found CBD oil reduced the frequency of seizures in 89 percent of epileptic dogs.

My Great Dane’s epilepsy was treated with heavy pharmaceuticals which left her listless and added to that, were not very effective.

She eventually passed several years ago due to complications from epilepsy: Alice went into status epilepticus where she couldn’t stop seizing. It was a nightmare and left her in a very poor state.

We could not get a handle on it and deeply regret that there were not effective CBD treatments available at that time and are so grateful for scientists that are doing the work to find solutions to common dog issues in the form of natural products, like CBD from hemp.

Black senior dog looking into the camera with a graying face and brown eyes.
Seizures affect many dog lovers and is a complex issue to navigate with your vet

Seizures are a complicated problem for many dog owners without effective options to treat their pets.

Research Related to Cancer and Dogs and CBD

The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine is currently conducting a  clinical trial using CBD oil to treat the side effects and pain associated with chemotherapy treatment for Lymphoma in dogs. This specific trial also is examining whether or not the CBD oil will have any effect on the blood concentrations of the chemotherapy drugs used.

All of this is certainly exciting for the pet lovers that only desire the happiest and healthiest pets.  Meanwhile, while the body of research supports our own positive experiences with  CBD and pets here are some top tips for you when selecting a CBD infused product for your pet.

Top Tips for Selecting CBD for Your Pet

Determine if the CBD ingredient in your products is grown in the United States or Europe

 Not all non-US products are bad but due to the way that hemp grows it is safest to be very particular about the source of the hemp you give your pet.

Hemp roots are very extensive and therefore impurities in the soil can be taken up on the plant. Certain impurities may be discovered in testing but potentially not all. Look for hemp CBD products that are gown in the United Stated and Europe.

Ensure that the CBD product is manufactured in the United States

Again, CBD products have had a huge surge in popularity.  Unfortunately with that comes several imposters or inferior products on the market.  Look for all factors relating to quality, one of which is where the product is manufactured.

Products grown and manufactured in the United States or Europe may be more expensive but they should provide you with a level of trust for what you are providing your pet. This is even more so if your pet is medically compromised or has a health issue. Your pet deserved the cleanest and best quality products.

Ensure that the CBD product is triple tested

CBD, like any product, can contain contaminants.  It is important to assess whether the products you provide to your pet are of utmost quality.  Testing is another way to measure quality and purity. Testing CBD products can be done throughout the process. Our CBD from hemp products are tested four times for purity starting at harvest and continuing all of the way through the process.

Look for products contain other beneficial ingredients

CBD is an exciting new ingredient on the market however, it is one of many that can help your pet.  Do not rely on one known effective ingredient but look for other complimentary research backed ingredients that also support your pets needs for the greatest efficacy. Like CBD from hemp products that also contain beneficial MSM for dogs or contain the benefits of Yucca for pets.

Looking for a quality CBD product for your pet?  Check out Calm or Relieve Plus pet hemp products made in the USA from quality hemp with added beneficial ingredients for targeted relief and easy to spray in mouth, on treats, or on food.

Older golden retriever dog being petted with 4 bubbles about the qualities of CBD products for pets and choosing the best cbd products for pets.
Older dog benefiting from CBD hemp spray

We hope you are looking for products that check the box on quality and efficacy but using the research and the selection criteria above.  Our Pet Wellness  CBD products certainly do. 

Our research backed pet formulas are triple tested for purity, grown and made in the USA, and contain not only nature’s powerful CBD but other beneficial terpenes and botanicals that are also science backed to meet your pets needs.  Let your pet enjoy the benefits of CBD and treat your bestie with the best with the best Pet Wellness products today!

CBD hemp spray bottles in front of CBD hemp plant in a blurred background.
Calm and Relieve Plus Hemp Spray can be helpful for dogs

Pet CBD and Hemp FAQs

How do vets feel about CBD?

Vets are mixed with their ideas about CBD, however, research like the research being described in this article will help progressive vets get on board. It is important to note that vets also have to comply with rules of their governing bodies so even where they may believe in the efficacy they may not be able to recommend due to some outside considerations.

Can CBD make my dog less anxious?

There is also plenty of research and information around anxiety and CBD. Dog lovers are finding great support from natural products including CBD products for anxious and nervous pets including dog separation anxiety, dog anxiety in the car.