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The Ultimutt Guide to How to Throw a Dog Birthday Party

You may have guessed that we love to celebrate dogs with dog parties, dog themed parties and parties with dogs.  There is afterall so much to celebrate, like holidays, dog birthdays and more.  You may not know your dog’s actual birthday but you can always celebrate your dog’s gotcha day anniversary or you may have used our dog astrology to determine what star sign your dog is Either way there is something to celebrate and now that we have established that we love to throw dog parties lets get on to how to throw a dog birthday party!


How to throw a dog birthday party – Step One: Dog Party Guest List


First step is making a guest list with the primary consideration being will you invite dog guests or only humans guests to the big pawsome bash?  This depends on the birthday dog of the day.  Some dogs prefer to have all of the attention and not share it with other dogs while others will relish the day with friends and not care about much else.  Pay attention to your dog’s desires, my dogs would enjoy the extra attention of the day and of other pooches at his pooch party but each dog is different.  

How to throw a dog birthday party – Step Two: Send invitations


Next step is to secure the date and create cute dog party invitations to send in the mail or online via a service like  Paperless Post.   Paperless Post is handy in that you can easily track RSVPs to know how many pupcakes you will really need.  Paper invites can easily be personalized and sent with services like Shutterfly.   Either way make sure your puppy guests get lots of notice and know if they are invited solo or with a doggo plus one.  


 How to throw a dog birthday party – Step Three: Plan the Food


We love pupcakes!  Check out our dog party cake idea complete with dog cake icing.  The dog birthday cake works for the dog of the day but you will also need dog treats or other items for the attendees.  Try some homemade chews in fun shapes or letters or this lazy puppy pie available on Chewy or a pup cake mix, also from Chewy.  If you need some inspo check out cakes that inspired us.  

How to throw a dog birthday party – Step Four: Outfit the Birthday dog with Birthday Wear


Some pets relish the attention of a birthday crown, while others will cringe as much as a school boy on a first date.  If your pet enjoys some attention then don’t forget to get them a party hat, festive collar or bowtie to celebrate their big dog birthday.  Not only will no one be confused about who they are celebrating (including the other dogs) it just looks cute!  See our favorite over on Chewy or this one on Etsy which is also a nice touch and soft on the head with so many positive reviews it looks like others liked it just as much as we did. 

How to throw a dog birthday party – Step Five: Plan the Games and Entertainment.  


We have covered dog party birthday games extensively in our article of six games to play at your dog birthday, which include downloadable printable of a three pack of dog party games including dog trivia, dog and spoon potato races and treat races. One to add to the dog party game list is a dog scavenger hunt.  Simply hide treats throughout the yard for dogs to find.  Ensure they can be eaten quickly so that there will be no arguing over large bones after the dog scavenger hunt is over.  


Pro Tip:  Don’t forget the photo booth.  Download our free printable photo booth selfie frame and download our printable photo booth props which will make sharing and tagging that much more fun! 

How to throw a dog birthday party – Step Six: Dog Party Goody Bags


When all the fun is done and pets have had a pawsome time celebrating you can send them on the way with their own goody bag.  This could be nicely wrapped homemade treats or a longer lasting stuffed toy but sending your puppy guests off with an adorable doggie bag will be remembered and appreciated.

Finally, remember that your dogs big day is really about them share lots of love and treats and if your dog would not relish all of the attention keep it small or go for his favorite hike (as much as we love a good party):