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Time to Pawty! 6 Dog Party Games for your Next Dog Birthday Party

A dog birthday or Gotcha party is too fun to resist and planning the dog party games, the dog party decorations, the dog party cake and treats are all part of that fun.  

Sometimes it can be enough just sitting in a chair and watching all of the dog friends romp with pure enjoyment but a few dog party games can break up the festivities in a fun way and help you get to know your guests.  

6 Fun Dog Party Games For Your Next Dog Party Birthday, Gotcha or More!

Here is our list of dog party games for dog birthdays and dog gotcha days with an easy dog party game printable to pass out to your guests or post at the party.  Each dog party printable has three games, the answers and the rules all ready to download and print 1 or 100! 

Dog Party Game Potato and Spoon. 

Each dog will be leashed and walked with a person holding a spoon with a potato.  They have to go about fifty feet and turn around and walk back.  The first to  the finish line with the potato intact is the winner. 

Small brown and white Jack Russell playing potato and spoon dog party game on a blue leash.

Dog Treat Race. 

To play the dog treat race place a row of treats in a line in front of each dog competitor. The dog that is the fastest to consume all of their treats and make it to the other end is the winner.   

Dog Party Game Pinata. 

We love pinatas for any season but some of our dogs don’t yet know how much fun this can truly be and it is up to us to show them the utter joy of a pinata.  You can buy cute pinatas like this dog bone pinata on Etsy here.

A pink dog pinata hanging up for the next dog themed birthday party.

Once you get your dog pinata stuff the pinata with a mix of small dog treats and people candy.

Pinata ProTip: be sure not to include dog treats that are too heavy and avoid chocolate in case the dogs get confused and move on to the human food, vice versa is ok, especially if you use our soft CBD chew recipe which is developed for senior dogs in mind so is more soft than traditional treats.   

Next, humans can take turns hitting the pinata (we have not found any skilled pups that can hit a dog pinata but if you have one go for it!) When the treat start to fall the dogs will quickly learn about the fun of this Mexican tradition.  

Dog Party Game Dog Trivia

A game of trivia is always a fun ice breaker especially when it is on theme with the party and it serves to reveal the true expert in the crowd.  You can make your own skill testing questions or use our easy to use printable.  Find our printables collection in our Pawsome People section.  Don’t forget prizes and check out some options in our Pawsome People collection as  bragging rights won’t be enough for the Ultimutt winner. 

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Dog Party Game Fill in the Blank Puns

Check out our printable of fill in the blank puns.  Available in our printable dog party game pack.  Each sentence will have a dog pun blank that needs to be completed by your guests.  You can also get inspired with puns to make your own printable in our Pawsome Pun Article which includes some original dog puns that will challenge your guests.  Fill in the blank dog pun dog party game is a great game to be played in teams. 

Dog Party Game What Breed Am I? 

Check out the What Breed Am I? printable in our dog printable party pack. In the dog printable party pack is a sheet of Dog Breed photos.  After you print, you can cut each dog into its own square.  As guests come in you can place one of the dog breed photos on their back.  Throughout the dog party they can ask for a maximum of 10 clues and the winner will be the guest that correctly guesses their breed.

Check out our dog party game pack printable in our Pawsome People Collection along with other printable party decorationsphoto booth props, and dog instagram photo frames to make your pet party the most memorable.  Don’t forget the prizes too. 

After the hard work of a game everyone gets excited by some dog prizes, Popular Pets Merch makes a great prize.  After all, why not celebrate our relationship with our dogs by throwing an epic dog party.  Of course, it is not all just fun and dog party games be sure not to forget the dog birthday cake and the dog cake icing!  If you need more cake inspo check out these amazing dog party cakes.  

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