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Top 5 Best Frisbee Dog Breeds

We know that frisbee or disc dog competitions are one of the fastest growing sports to do with our dog but also a great way to get exercise.  It is estimated that over one million dogs play flying disc in the United States alone, of all different breeds though only a small percentage participate in organized competitions.

If you are interested in teaching your dog frisbee and are interested in the best dog breed for frisbee read on but also know that according to the AKC, any dog breed or size can be great at dog disc and part of the popularity of the sport is its accessibility. All that is necessary to enjoy it is a level playing area, a dog, and a flying disc, dog on this list of the best frisbee dog breeds may make teaching your dog a frisbee a little easier there are many more dog breeds that are excellent at frisbee including mixed breed dogs.

Best Frisbee Dog Breed: Border Collies

Border Collie is known to be a bright workaholic.  As a member of the herding dog group Border Collies have proven themselves to be excellent at disc dogs for the same reason they make excellent agility dogs, their ability to follow instructions.

Best Frisbee Dog Breed: German Shepherds

German Shepherds are another breed that is keen to please which helps when training a dog to play frisbee.  German Shepherds are also highly intelligent and athletic.

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Best Frisbee Dog Breed: Labradors

The top Dog breeds families love. and most popular dog in the United States also tops the best frisbee dog breeds list for its positive attitude, athleticism and trainability.  Always a pleasure to hang around with, teaching a Labrador frisbee is nothing different that any of the other things that Labradors easily learn and take to.

Best Frisbee Dog Breed: Beagles

Beagles are known for their ability to have spirited games of fetch and great stamina having them top the list for best frisbee dogs.

They are also excellent competitors in agility, flyball, and retrieval competitions.  They do not make our list of Dog breeds families love. due to the infamous “Beagle Bay” which can get you thrown out of the neighborhood.  However, they are a loved breed with many athletic qualities.

Best Frisbee Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

Another happy and great family dog, the Golden Retriever, easily makes the list of best frisbee dog breeds.  Golden Retriever’s another great family dog due to their great attitude and happy nature, also are very trainable, making them a great dog breed to play frisbee with.  Golden Retrievers also show up again and again in our Amazing Dog Series for their diverse and hardworking nature.


Due to most dogs’ energy and athleticism many make great frisbee dog breeds but the above have been known to excel due to their specific breed traits.

When looking for the best frisbee dog breeds make sure you work with your friend and introduce them to the frisbee in a positive manner so that they have a great experience and will enjoy catching the frisbee no matter what their breed is.

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