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Top Dog Groomer Tip: Dog Clipper Blade Sharpening and Care Guide

You may be a professional dog groomer or just an ambitious DIYer that has not yet chosen the best dog groomer yet but if you groom dogs (or horses) you know that dog clipper blades loose that fresh new feeling fast and you will soon have cause for dog clipper blade sharpening if you want to avoid giving a worst dog haircut.  


Why Dog Clippers Need to Be Sharp

Here are some reasons why you need dog clipper blade sharpening to keep your dog clipper blades sharp:


  1. Keeping dog comfortable.  When clippers are not sharp they cause a drag on the dogs fur and can make them uncomfortable.  Fur can be pulled as the clippers glide across the dog’s body.  Keep dogs comfortable with sharp clippers.

2. Even Clip Job.  Having clippers that do not run smoothly make it harder to provide an even and great looking haircut increasing the odds that your clients or pet will make it on the worst dog haircut list

3. Wear and Tear on Clippers.  When dog clippers have to move harder to work they will suffer greater wear and tear and blades that were simply dull and could be repaired will have to be replaced.  

Are Your Dog Clippers Dull or is it Something Else? 

Before running around searching for dog clipper blade sharpening make sure that your clippers do not need to simply be cleaned or oiled.  You should be oiling your clippers prior to start and shutting them off and throughout your clip job.  Any oil made for clippers will do.  Using clipper oil is important as it will collect less fur in it after oiling.  


Your dog clippers may also not be operating at optimum if they have fur stuck behind them which will cause them to slow down.  Try removing the back of the blades and brushing out the inside of the clipper.  Most clipper sets come with a small brush for this purpose but you can purchase a brush set as well.  


My Dog Clippers Really Do Need to Be Sharpened – How Do I Find Dog Clipper Blade Sharpening Near Me?


Clipper blades are usually sharpened by a knife sharpening service or other blade sharpening service in your town.  When we are searching for dog clipper sharpening we find it easier to just send them away and have them sharpened which turns out a lot easier than running around looking for a dog clipper sharpening service.  


Professional dog clipper sharpening services like Will Sharpen have been in business for over 35 years to meet the sharpening needs of industry professionals.  Will Sharpen offers a guaranteed sharpening service and a variety of grooming products.  They can sharpen your dog clipper blades and return them in the mail within two days.  We love the convenience and they always return clean and ready go. 


Other ways to Make Your Dog Comfortable During Dog Grooming


Having sharp clippers are very helpful to ensure dogs are not uncomfortable during a dog clipping and is one thing that good dog groomers will always ensure by finding a dog clipper sharpening service they can trust.  Keeping your dog calm and still throughout grooming will also help ensure that he will get the best haircut.

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