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Dog Sports to Do With Your Dog For Fun and Bonding

Just going for a run or hike with my dogs suits me just fine but some pet lovers are looking for interesting and fun ways to bond with their dogs and taking up a sport with dogs may be it.  As the popularity of dogs continues to grow so does the opportunity for organized sports with your dog. 

In the current fast-growing world, as there is a range of dog sports available, what is important is the need to find a sport that truly suits the dog’s (and your) abilities. There are several benefits of getting your dog in sports as it helps maintain a happier healthier lifestyle for you and your dog. Here is a list of some of the most fast-growing and healthy sports for your dog:

Dock Dog Jumping

Dog Dock Jumping is a fun activity and competition game that tests the various abilities of dogs in a single go. The ability to run, jump and swim is gauged through this sport. Dogs of varying sizes and ages compete in three disciplines that are Big Air, Speed Retrieve, and Extreme Vertical. Big Air is the signature discipline where a dog jumps and takes a splash at the end.

Dog Agility

Agility dog sport requires the dog to pass through a course of obstacles. These obstacles may be a jump, teeter, tunnel, or anything else. The dog that navigates the obstacles with minimum mistakes and the fastest time wins the game. This competition has been growing in popularity since its invention. Many organizations across the country offer these dog sports competitions.

Dog Flyball

Flyball is another sports with dog s that is gaining popularity.  This dog sport requires two teams of four dogs. Both teams’ dogs navigate a course of jumps, run to a box, stir a catapult machine with their paws, catch the ball, and run back to the starting points. The team reaching back to the start in less time wins the competition.  According to the AKC, dogs that are 15 months and older can compete in Flyball.

Dog Flying Disc

Flying disc is another favorite dog sport. This fun game simply requires that you throws a disc in the air and makes your agile dog run and catch it. It can also be played as competition in the form of teams. Points are allocated based on long-run and catch combinations. Whichever team wins, the sport is quite fun to observe for spectators. 

Dog Heelwork to Music

This dog sport, heelwork to music is all about fun for you and your dog as you perform to music.   This game involves cooperation and coordination and is a bit more suitable for dogs who love teamwork.  You truly have to dance with your dog and the relaxing moment is one of the great ways to spend healthy time with your pet. 

Dog Frisbee

Any breed of dog can excel at dog frisbee and each dog can learn dog frisbee so that you can have a fun bonding experience with your dog.