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UH OH! Grandma ate a dog treat! These Dog Treat Containers will keep the dog treats safe

Of course we love dog treats, homemade dog treats, CBD dog treats and yes even the store bought types (Other than CBD dog treats from Amazon) but nothing is worse than having that cute adorable face staring at you waiting for a treat and you wanting to give him a reward for being so cute and you cannot find the treats!  

This is when a baggie in the fridge won’t do.  You need a stylish dog treat container that is as easily accessed as a regular old cookie jar from your younger years (or maybe even today).


I will never forget my moms large ceramic cookie jar on the counter and trying ever so hard to gently replace the top without her hearing the clink of ceramic the tell take sign of a cookie monster.

So with these fond memories we set out to find the cutest dog cookie jar around.  One that could adorn our counter tops and is easily accessible for those inevitable treat rewards. 

Why use a Dog treat container?

A dog treat container, like a cookie jar will keep treats fresh and safe from any cookie monsters.  Added bonus, if there could ever be confusion with the people treats a dedicated dog treat jar will ensure that your pup won’t go without in the event Grandma grabs a dog treat instead of an oatmeal cookie.  

Dog Treat Containers We Love

Customizable Ceramic Dog Treat Container

For a customizable ceramic dog treat jar we love this dog treat container from Etsy.  The Etsy seller will put your pup’s name, two if you have two dogs, on the jar.  It is smaller so it won’t clutter the counter and it is definitely stylish. 

Harmony live, love and eat treat dog treat container.  


With a cute saying like “live, love and eat treats” not only will Grandma not be confused and mistakenly eat the dog treats but you will smile whenever you stow a dog treat or grab for a dog treat from this dog treat container. 


Available at Petco and made from high quality ceramic, this dog treat container will surely be a hit for years to come all while fitting into your home décor.  



Portable Snack Treat Pouch


If you are looking to take treats on the go these portable pet snack pouch treat containers from Target are the way to go. 


They are cute and reusable so your treats will be secure from any furry cookie monsters and they will stay fresh on the go. 

Customizable Dog Treat Sticker


If you already have a dog treat container that you love but you fear there may be a mix up and Harry’s treats may get eaten by humans by mistake you may want to simply slap on one of these cute stickers.  This Etsy seller has you covered and will customize any sticker to apply to your dog treat container.  

Since our dogs are in our homes we love adding stylish features to our homes to celebrate them and add some fun to our décor. 


Check out more fun design tips in our book Motherpuppin Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s coming October 29, 2021 to one of your favorite booksellers where we talk about such serious things as where to add the dog motif in your home.