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What is Full-Spectrum Hemp: Full Spectrum Hemp vs Isolated Hemp Pet Products

Fact:  There are over 113 cannabinoids in the hemp plant and they all work in harmony to provide wellness benefits. 



The most prevalent, but certainly not the only one of these cannabinoids, is cannabidiol referred to as CBD. Researchers have found that all mammals, including our pets, are equipped with an amazing network of built-in receptors known collectively as the endocannabinoid system.  Each of our bodies are ready and willing to connect our endocannabinoid receptors with cannabinoids to deliver customized and wide-ranging health benefits and create an overall harmony.  


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What is CBD Isolate?


CBD isolate is literally “isolated” CBD with all of the other beneficial cannabinoids removed as opposed to full-spectrum hemp which contains a vast array of hard-working cannabinoids and thought by scientists to provide greater health and wellness benefits.  


You may hear different terms like, CBD Isolate referred to in reference to certain hemp wellness products. These products typically note that they have higher potency of CBD for pets vs full-spectrum pet hemp products.  Here is the essential – and extremely important – difference: 


The majority of pet hemp products in today’s marketplace are sold as “CBD,” but are actually CBD isolate or contain a small amount of full spectrum CBD and supplemented with CBD isolate.  This means that the full range of cannabinoids – and corresponding wellness benefits that you intended may be significantly reduced.  

The confusing thing is, a pet product that’s labeled “CBD isolate” sounds like it might be purer, and therefore more desirable.  But the opposite is true. It is stripped of the countless other important cannabinoids, and therefore, will have a one-dimensional effect rather than the healthful ensemble effect that’s offered from full-spectrum hemp. 


What is full spectrum CBD?


Full-spectrum CBD, is CBD which includes many other beneficial cannabinoids that have been identified for their therapeutic benefits including Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabinol (CBN),  Cannabichromene, (CBC) Cannabidivarin (CBDv) and many more that form a full collection called the “cannabinoid spectrum.”  


Since cannabinoids are thought to work together in an ensemble effect for wellness benefits to be achieved the benefits of a full spectrum CBD product are thought to be far superior.


Some purveyors of isolated hemp or CBD products argue that their product is more pure.  While it is further processed there is no support that it is more pure.  The CBD in a full spectrum product that has not been processed down to isolated CBD is still as pure and has gone through similar lab testing processes as any other CBD product.  


For instance, Relieve Plus and Calm CBD from hemp for pets are broad spectrum products that have been lab tested at least four times in their preparation to market to ensure they are as pure and free of contaminants as possible for your pet.


Remember that if a product label does not specifically state that it contains full-spectrum CBD (or Broad Spectrum or CBD Complex), it is likely made with just CBD isolate and while it may contain a higher potency of CBD it is not necessarily more beneficial.


Why is Full Spectrum Hemp Important for Our Pets?


Your pet’s body (really any mammal’s body) uses certain nutrients to avail the benefits of another.  For example, the body cannot absorb calcium without adequate vitamin D.  Likewise, minerals such as magnesium are crucial to overall health because they are involved in hundreds of critical biochemical functions within the body that regulate everything from heartbeat rhythm to neurotransmission.  Similarly, the presence of the range of full-spectrum cannabinoids, terpenes and essential oils extracted from the hemp plant all work together to magnify therapeutic benefits and contribute to better pet health in a myriad of ways. 


At The Popular Pets our founder created Calm and Relieve Plus CBD Hemp Spray for cats and dogs because she likes to think of the amazing delivery of unified health benefits within a full range of cannabinoids.  She created these products with the names Madrigal Pets because a madrigal like the ensemble of cannabinoids in a pets body means an orchestrated ensemble involving many voices, but with each contributing its own part to create a singularly positive experience, much like full spectrum hemp.


Pet care products offered by The Popular Pets contain optimal quantities of full-spectrum hemp along with other ultra-pure functional ingredients at active levels to promote healing and overall wellness in the most efficient and effective ways.    Because where you are assessing the effectiveness of full spectrum CBD vs CBD isolate, full spectrum wins each time for its robust health benefits.  


Learn more about other pets that have been supported and helped by hemp product offerings from The Popular Pets.  

How Do You Know Which Pet Hemp Product is Best for Your Pet?

When selecting hemp products or CBD products for your pet (pet’s should not have THC) it is important to review several factors that will assess quality and effectiveness.  (1) Have the products been tested and are the test results available? (2) Has the product been manufactured at an FDA registered facility and with a process to allow it to be full-spectrum? (3) Was the hemp where the CBD was derived grown and processed in the USA?  Answers to these questions and more will dictate the quality and purity of the hemp products you give your pets.


We are dedicated to a single goal:  to provide our beloved pets and those in your care with products that enhance their opportunities to experience life to the fullest.  Try Calm products for Cats and Dogs or Relieve Plus for Cats and dogs today.