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Why dog licks me? Learn five different reasons why your dog may be liking you!

Have you ever received a gentle but juicy lick across your face from your dog when you least expected it?  Or, have you ever been woken with a big lick in the face by your dog pal?  If you are dog lover the answer is likely yes to both and you are no doubt wondering why dog licks me?  


Dogs lick people for a variety of reasons sometimes, they’re just trying to be affectionate, other times, they might be showing concern or love and sometimes, they may want something from you (food).  

 It’s important to understand why your dog is licking you so that you can provide the appropriate response and keep them happy. Read on for the top five reasons that your dog pal may be licking you.  


Why dog licks me?  Unmet need


My Adorable Dozer wakes me up with a big lick letting me know he needs to go out for a potty break.   Sometimes a big lick across the face is the only sure fire way that your pet knows that he won’t be ignored.  


Either way paying attention to your pets needs and addressing them may result in terminating his desire to lick.

Why dog licks me?  Submissive behavior


We have all heard the story of the mother of puppies (and many other mammals) greeting their mother on her return home with licks to the face.  



Many dog lovers and dog experts surmise that this means that they are happy to greet their mother and are indicating their submissiveness and intent to be good dogs on her welcome.  As a result they say as your dogs grow up they may have the same tendency to lick you.

Why dog licks me?  Fear


Just as a puppies lick and greetings to its mother indicate communication of their intent to be submissive it may also indicate fear and seeking comfort from her for their fear at being left alone.  Many dogs may lick you in the course of experiencing fear attempting to relieve that fear.


Why dog licks me?  Hello Greeting

There is nothing better than picking an Adorable up and rubbing noses with your pal.  Sometimes it results in a big lick.  That is a hello greeting. And if you stuffed your face into other mammals they may not impart a large lick but our dogs, always the ones to please, will nine times out of ten lay on a big lick when met with a person face in their space. 

Note: Dog’s may lick themselves for many other reasons, a primary reason is pain and discomfort.  

Conclusion:  It’s always nice to be the recipient of a lick from your dog, but why do they do it? There are five possible reasons for this behavior. Some dogs may use licking as an appeasement gesture which could mean that they feel submissive or vulnerable in some way.  


Why do you think your dog licks you?  Comment below.