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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Dog CBD Treats On Amazon

Amazon has a strict policy against CBD for dog and humans being sold on their site so why would you buy your dog CBD treats on Amazon?

If you do think you are buying dog CBD on Amazon, it is either not really CBD or the ingredients are not truthful in order to avoid the many bot reviews of products that do not meet Amazon Seller policies, which then begs the question if the quality of the dog CBD treats on Amazon will meet the high standards you should be seeking for your pets.

Why you should not buy CBD on Amazon

On Amazon, CBD, which is derived from hemp and completely legal in the United States and many other countries, is not permitted to be sold due to Amazon seller policies. As a result, many companies offer non-CBD products for sale and try to characterize them as CBD.  Sellers sell hemp seed oil and hemp oil which are NOT the same as CBD.

Buyers thinking they are buying dog CBD on Amazon and helping their pets are wasting their money on products that will not provide any therapeuticBenefits of CBD for Dogs.for their beloved pets.

If you are looking for dog CBD on Amazon or dog CBD treats on Amazon beware and instead look for other sources of CBD from reputable independent sellers. Amazon is not responsible for the quality of any product sold on the site or any other products you buy and they could be imported from sellers that are not offering the highest grade of products.

We highly recommend you carefully review the complete list of ingredients to make sure you know exactly what you are putting into your dog and review our criteria of shopping for CBD for your dog on Amazon and through independent sellers for guidance.

Where to buy CBD products for your dog

We have looked far and wide to find the best CBD for dogs for anxiety and pain and inflammation and found Calm and Relieve – Plus. Both were created from hemp grown in the United States and made in the United States and are water soluble for the best absorption and efficiency and fast relief.

We also love the handy spray method leaving messy droppers for someone else to wrestle with.  With Calm and Relieve Plus you don’t need to buy dog CBD treats on Amazon since you can just spray Calm or Relieve Plus on your pets favorite treat for a yummy CBD treat that you know is high quality and has the therapeutic benefits you expect from high quality CBD.


Amazon has over 2 million products in their shop and their convenience is unsurpassed when you are looking for household consumables.

Unfortunately, they are not a great answer for products like dog CBD treats on Amazon as Amazon prohibits the sale of all CBD despite it being a legal, non-psychoactive product.

If you want a quality dog CBD product it is best to source one directly from a reputable online store where you can not only experience the convenience of dog CBD delivered to your door but you can also be certain of the quality and purity of the product.  Ninety percent of CBD purchases are online, you are not alone in choosing a reputable independent seller that has focused on bringing quality CBD products for dogs and cats to the market.

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