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How Much Dog Food to Feed Your Dog? (Dry, Wet & Homemade)

Are you wondering if your big dog is getting too little dog food or your small dog is getting too much? This can be confusing as you need to also consider all of the treats that you gave to him during the day. If you are searching for how much dog food to feed your dog?  We have broken down the how much to feed your dog by food type plus top tips on feeding your dog the correct amount.

Brown and white bulldog eating food out of a red bowl on a bricks.

Considerations for Determining How Much Dog Food to Feed Your Dog

How much dog food to feed your dog will depend on many things including: the size of your dog and its muscle mass, the amount of exercise and activity they receive, and the type of food, and general quality of the ingredients.  Senior dogs for instance, will need less food and weight management is very important to their overall health and longevity.

In general you should feed your dog 1/2 to 1 cup of dry dog food per 10 pounds or a 1/4 to 1/2 cup wet dog food per 10 pounds.

Infographic chart depicting how much to feed your dog with cartoons of large and small dog and dog food.
Feeding your dog the correct amount will contribute to your dog’s health and wellness this chart for feeding your dog should help.

Each food has different feeding guidelines here are some guidelines for a few of our favorites.

How Much Dry Dog Food to Feed Your Dog?

Kindfull food from Target is a newer brand of dry food.  Kindfull also has food toppers to increase the appeal of dog food. (We prefer just to add a little bone broth or Calm or Relieve Plus CBD hemp spray since it is chicken flavored and will add that extra bit of yum.)

The Kindfull folks recommend feeding your dog these amounts of your dry dog food:

Dog feeding recommendations off of a Kindfull dog food bag close up.

Bonus: Kindfull has no filler grains and our dogs went crazy for it this dog food! 

How much to feed your dog wet dog food?

Blue Buffalo has a great wet canned dog food and they also have feeding recommendations which seem to be pretty consistent with canned dog food.  Blue Buffalo dog food recommend a ½ to ¼ can for every 10 pounds of body weight.

Blue Buffalo can of dog food that is yellow and blue close up on a white background.
Blue Buffalo dog food is a healthy dog food option and also good for dogs with fewer teeth!

How Much to Feed Your Dog of Homemade Dog Food?

Homemade dog food is an excellent option and it may be tricky to determine how much to feed your dog since it is so yummy they will want more whether or not they are hungry.

We recommend 1 cup for 10 pounds of body weight but this will also depend on the nutrients and ingredients you have in your homemade dog food. Try various options and adjust as necessary.

Although you may not be a professional pet food taster we know your dog will love your cooking!

Homemade dog food with Calm spray being sprayed on it in a dog food bowl.
Homemade dog food is a great option just take care to get the amounts you are feeding your dog correct.

How much to feed fresh wet packaged food?

There are many wet pet food brands that appear in the refrigerated section of the grocer or that are available with a subscription service.

Nom Nom and Ollie are popular wet food brands that make feeding a healthy diet easy and they take the guess work out of figuring out how much to feed your dog.  When you sign up they will ask several targeted questions to determine the right proportions and then you get the correct proportions for your dog delivered.  

Top tips for determining the right amount of food for your dog?

The feed guidelines provided in this article serve only as general guidelines.  

Remember that the right amount of food for your dog is the amount that keeps them at a healthy weight and gives your dog enough energy to do all the fun things you do together.

  • If you have a puppy keep a close eye on their healthy weight.  Puppies grow so fast you may need to increase his food faster than you would think.  A puppy’s energy may also increase their food needs.  
  • Indications that you’ve found the right diet for your dog are that your dog’s skin is healthy and their coats are shiny. A dull coat and skin issues can be symptoms of malnutrition or food allergies so if you see this, it might be worth a chat with your vet.
  • A proper diet is essential for your dogs longevity and happiness.

Read Motherpuppin Adorable: What do do when your dog is better than everyone else’s for more nutrition tips and secrets and hero spotlights from amazing people doing great things in the world of pet nutrition. 

How Much to Feed Your Dog FAQs

How much to feed my dog per day of wet dog food?

You should feed your dog 1/4 can to 1/2 a can per 10 pounds of body weight of most dog food cans. The can size may vary so you would follow the guidelines of the food manufacturer if it differs.

How much dry food should I feed my dog?

The general rule is that your should feed your dog 1/2 to 1 cup for every 10 pounds of dog weight. If you have a 10 pound dog (like a Chihuahua you would feed 1/2 to 1 cup a food a day). The size of your dog will definitely drive the cost of owning a dog due to the food requirements.

How much dog food should I feed my dog in grams?

The general rule is that you should feed your dog 1/2 to 1 cup for every 10 pounds of body weight since there are 240 grams in a cup that would equate to 120 to 240 grams of dog food to every 10 pounds of body weight. For instance if you have a 60 pound dog (the typical size of a female Labrador) you would feed 720 grams to 1,440 grams of dog food.