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Worst Dog Tech 2023: Buy Bones instead!

We love innovation especially in the dog tech arena. After all, we believe our dog CBD from hemp oral sprays are the most innovative CBD delivery system for pets in the industry, that we worked hard to develop with biochemists. So . . . we appreciate when someone goes the extra mile to develop dog tech, especially dog tech that will be appreciated by our furry pals and make life better for all of us.  

However, then there comes some misguided innovation that causes you to spend where you should not. Instead of buying an extra yummy dog bone or 10 you instead get trapped into buying some dog tech that does not work as promised and is a huge waste of money and disappointment, ergo the worst dog tech, it frustrates us.

Worst Dog Tech Not to Buy

Halo Dog Collar

I really needed and wanted this dog tech to work, like really!  I did not hesitate to drop the near $1,000 dollars and small monthly fee to know where my dog was and have the ability to train her to stay where she should be all from my phone.  This is a lofty amazing goal for this dog tech but it has been done before in different products. The makes of the Halo collar are combining features from other dog tech collars all into one. 

It seemed like a dream and a solution but instead Ruby, our Great Pyrenees (who we write about here) caused us to meet many neighbors calling to let us know that she was lounging in their yard or playing with their kids and dogs.  Seems harmless enough but there is a lot of fast traffic in between us and that fun.  

Large white great Pyrenees standing outside in the hills wearing a halo collar.

Unbeknownst to us, as soon as the Halo collar moves off of WIFI and onto GPS it does not work.  So after multiple hours attempting a fix, multiple more trying to determine there is no fix and even more working to return it we still have no solution but a tiny dog pen and lots of barking. However, we remain thankful that our dog has not been run down by a car and did come back.  

I will update this post if there ever is a solution but for now.  Great idea but this product should not have been launched with these prevalent glitches when we are dealing with pet safety.

Stop Barking Tools

Stop Dog Barking products like the Good Life Inc. stop dog barking pro attempt to stop you or your neighbors dog from barking.  Barking is annoying but for some dogs part of their DNA (truly in the case of a Great Pyrenees as we talk about here).  Which makes stopping barking an extremely lofty ambition but a worthy one if it is disrupting sleep or other life enjoyment.  

When dealing with a neighbor it may be so much better to drop $69.95 to stop the barking that then gets your dog going than to actually have an uncomfortable conversation about it that likely will not end well.  

Small white dog barking while standing on pavement.
Barking dogs can stress neighborly relations but some tech is not the answer

However, to spend that much you at least want a well made product and the ability to return it if things go awry.  This particular vendor charges for return and there are several complaints about quality.  So be aware if searching for dog tech related to stop dog barking there are several products that just should not be on the market and their price does not reflect that.  

For more on neighborly relations with a dog check out Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s and if you are looking for a gift for your dog loving neighbor maybe steer clear and find other dog lover gift ideas in our ultimate gift guide.

FluentPet HexTiles System Tester Kit – Starter Dog Training Soundboard

If you were inspired by Christina Hunger’s book about teaching Stella to talk and of course who would not want to teach their dog to talk?  (Well me for one).  This technology has some work to do on the recording and again, it should not have launched without some further research and testing.  

The book how stella learned to talk with a dog on the cover.
The book How Stella Learned to Talk inspired many to teach their dogs to talk with buttons.

These dog buzzers or this dog buzzer kit, both from Amazon may be a suitable alternative and may be more reliable.  It may be a fun way to get closer with your dog and, have a chat.  

Let’s hope that some proper dog tech can be developed for the most popular pet in America. Again, we love pet tech and dog tech especially and appreciate companies attempts to make life better with our dogs.  There are some fun examples of fun dog tech like the Furbo pet camera but buyer beware not all of it is fun and worth your money. 

What is a useful dog gadget or dog tech?

The Furbo dog camera is our vote for the top dog gadget or dog tech in 2023 but other like the Halo collar are the worst.

What is pet tech?

Pet tech refers to pet products that are innovative and use the latest technology to make our lives with pets easier, more comfortable and keep our pets happy.

What is the best dog tech?

The best dog tech is not so much dog tech but is the Roomba or other automated flooring clean up technology. This meets the criteria of great pet tech as most are reliable and make our lives easier.