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Pet Well Being Woes​

Pet Well Being Woes?

Are you one of the 76% of pet parents that stresses about your pet getting sick or having a potential unknown health issue?
  • Are you stuck with costly and inconvenient vet appointments as your only option for pet care?
  • Do you wonder if your pet is in optimum health or parasites or worms are affecting their health?
  • Do you wonder if your pets’ health or infections could affect your family?

Busy days and increasing pet care costs may cause additional stress when you are trying to do the best for your beloved pet – but if you are stuck with traditional vet care you may not be able to fend off unknown health issues, like harmful worm infections.

Wouldn’t it be great to take charge of your pets’ health?

Is Your Pet Infected With a Parasite?

Maybe your pet was recently treated for parasites, was your pet up to no good paling with friends or wildlife or you just want peace of mind. Since parasites can be unhealthy for your pet and derail all of the wellness efforts you make, find out quickly and affordably if your pet was infected with parasite – with pet worm test. Take charge of your pet’s health with a fecal pet exam.
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Pet Wellness Exam Coming Up or Vacation?

Fecal exams are part of pet wellness checks and are often not done due to the inconvenience, time and expense. Get a convenient, accurate pet fecal exam and have the exam results sent to your vet so you can discuss them as part of your pet’s wellness exam not as an afterthought or send to your pet boarding or daycare facility to confirm your pet is healthy and parasite free.

Is Your Family Safe?

Common parasites can be transferred to you and your family and cause parasitic infections affecting the health and wellbeing of all family members. Find out if your pet is contaminated with parasites that can transfer to humans – with a pet worm test. Take charge of your family’s health and wellbeing quickly and affordably with a fecal pet exam.
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Get Started in Three Easy Steps

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Take Control of Your Pet’s Care and Get Peace of Mind for You and Your Family​