So, if you KNOW your dog is amazing or as we say Motherpuppin’ Adorable we don’t need to tell you that you they deserve star treatment, to be spoiled and the world needs to know about their amazingness.
This could be a subtle debut at a park, party or making a neighbor a fan but also a full blown dog Instagram influencer. The choice is yours and your pal’s.  We are here simply to support you on that journey.

Because we all know that it is fun to be a dog, and even more fun to be a dog lover.

We love all pets and we know that pets make us better.  Our beloved pets are Popular Pets. Popular pets are cherished, appreciated for their love and kindness, and welcomed into the family unit.  But most of all, enjoyed!
Popular Pet families will get the most out of our resources and we want to celebrate you and the pets in your family for your dedication and support.
We will do that by offering you the tools, tips, and tricks to create even more special moments to enrich your life your pets.

Who are we?

We are pet lovers with 48 years of experience enjoying life with pets, authors and voracious researchers that want to bring you the best products and information (an entertainment in the form of our book) to foster enjoyment with your pets!
After helplessly watching my best friend, a formidable Great Dane Alice, struggle with epilepsy and a life-changing moment when a horse accident broke my husband’s neck with an injury of which only two percent of people survive, I set out on a quest to discover alternatives to traditional medicine and discovered the healing and health benefits of cannabinoids.
Our innovative product offerings for people and their beloved pets took the hemp category by storm, assisting pets with mobility and anxiety as well as people with managing arthritis, fibromyalgia, and those struggling to achieve their performance goals. I am thrilled to help people and the pets in their care live their happiest and healthiest lives.
You can find me surrounded by animals on our ranch in Hollister, California follow us @popularpetpals Because we want you to . . .

Enjoy those Popular Pets!