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15 Dog Costumes for Dogs Who Hate Costumes

Of course dog costumes are fun but my little rat terrier would so much as stop chasing things if he had to wear a costume and the sheer scorn in his eyes would be too much to bear.  

Since our top goal in life is to have fun with our pets we need to be a bit more creative with dog costumes.  When the festivities come around, like Halloween, we have to get a bit more ingenious with the costumes and find dog costumes that are fun for him without the shame factor.

Here are some ideas:

Halloween Neckwear

Halloween Neckwear is about as unobtrusive while still being celebratory as you can get.  Here are some favorites from some Popular Pets.

This is a great idea from @my_mountaindog

@varietypetember featured this easy and cute idea without a shaming

Another from @varietypetember that is more than neckwear but love the boa.

This superhero is very shameless and cute all the same from

@coco_is_a_boy seems to managing this dog neckwear Halloween costume well.

@adventure_mutt_mika has the right idea.  Festive and fun off to a Luau.

Here is another from @varietypetember we all love health care workers so why not have a pet healthcare worker Halloween costume?

This cat outfit from Chewy would work for a dog Halloween costume for little dogs and is not too very embarrassing for the little ones.

Halloween Costume Dog Hats

A hat can sometimes be tolerated with even the most dog costume hater of dogs.  These hat costumes seemed the most unobtrusive and accepted by the dogs that adorned them.

@ilonglucy in baker wear with props.  It may be the hat or the custom props that make this one.

According to @wendymercure a little known fact is… Shih Tzu’s love Mexican food. They love Flautas, tortilla chips, even beer her little Shih Tzu is celebrating that love with this outfit.

This couple @boris_the_pibble seem to be taking their dog Halloween headwear well.  
Frisco Axe Dog & Cat Headpiece from Chewy.  This is cute but I still think this may cause issue for the majority of dog costume haters.

Other Halloween Costumes for Dog Halloween Costume Haters

@joy_makes_stuff had these Angel wings made by her and she is making them in all colors and sizes.  So cute.  

@dogthingzz posted this cute picture.  Likely not tolerated by all dog costumer haters but may work for some.

Dog costumes are very funny and picture worthy for our Popular Pets which is why we discuss them a lot in our new book  Mother Puppin’ Adorable:  What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s.  Check it out for more fun ideas with your dog.  


We hope these dog costume ideas for the dog’s that do not like dog costumes have provided some inspiration.  We all want happy pets and unfortunately some dog Halloween costumes don’t make our pets happy but lucky that there are many alternatives.