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A little Help From Nature – Barkcast Podcast Interview Transcript Everything CBD for dogs

Full Episode of a conversation between Russell, from Canine Point Academy and Kendra Clark from The Popular Pets about Everything Dog CBD 

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On each episode of BarkCast, your questions will be answered by professional senior trainer and owner of Canine Point Academy. Russell D. Russell. On this episode of podcast, Russell talks to Kendra Clark, the founder of the Popular Pets and many other wellnesses focused businesses offering CBD infused products.


Russell  00:36

Kendra, thank you very much for joining us today on Barkcast. Pleasure to have you with us… Quick question for you. Why are you called a disaster pet parent?


Kendra  00:46

So, the book, Motherpuppin Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s is somewhat satirical and it’s based on my background as in with my own pets. And so, you know, things didn’t always go as planned and it’s a bit satirical about life with pets and neighbors and navigating the world with that. So


Russell  01:07

Excellent. I love it…. Brilliant stuff. Let’s just dive right in. Many pet lovers and owners are aware I think of CBD in some sort of guys. But I don’t think any of us really understand what it actually is. And then he would actually do. Perhaps you could help us all out with that.


Kendra  01:25

Sure. At the Popular Pets, we have a CBD pet products line. And our CBD is water soluble, but many CBDs that you’ll find, you know either come as… We also carry a topical but they are a topical application. And they also come in a tincture form that go into the pet’s mouth, but the way that CBD functions and why there is so many different ways that you can use CBD is because it functions with what’s called our endocannabinoid system and it’s all this system of receptors throughout the body which keeps us balance. So for instance, if we’re in pain, our system is out of balance. If we’re in the… You know, have a greater flee mechanism or flight mechanism our system again is out of balance which then leads oftentimes also to anxiety. When you ingest CBD, it balanced that system. So it is CBD is a cannabinoid, it can either be from the hemp or cannabis plant, and then it is concentrated in the form that is commercially available to people through a manufacturing process.


Russell  02:32

The quirky and I think sort of obvious question at this point is for the uninitiated. Well, why would I want to get my dog cannabis? Why do I want to get my dog high?



Kendra  02:41



Russell  02:42

Right. So, how do we square that circle?


Kendra  02:45

That’s a perfectly legitimate question. And in Cal [phonetic 02:48] I’m from California, and many dispensaries do carry CBD…. That would be CBD from the cannabis plant. But if you’re buying CBD from the hemp plant, which is commercially available online or any other place, it has to be under 0.03 THC and the CBD. The way it works on the cannabinoid system without THC, it has zero psychoactive effect. So if you’re not getting your dog high [phonetic 03:17], you’re working on the holistic system within your pet. That is a system of receptors called the endocannabinoid system.


Russell  03:26

Which I think is really important point to get across to most people because again, most we think, Oh CBD oil, it’s cannabis. It’s a drug. What am I doing? Right?


Kendra  03:35

Yes, so if it complies with the law, it simply cannot be it is a plant based supplement or an addition to your pet’s wellness routine, just like any other wellness product.


Russell  03:49

Which is another interesting point because again, taking out the THC element, obviously for a moment but in terms of the use of CBD, then in my limited experience, and I’ve been asked about it, most of those inquiries are coming from people with older dogs for dogs that have ailments, dysplasia, spondylosis, etc. Displaying clear signs of pain and want to look at potential non pharmaceutical remedies to help with our pets and obviously so first point is this is something that can help?


Kendra  04:20

Yes, I mean CBD being an endocannabinoid has a natural anti-inflammatory characteristic. It’s a proven anti-inflammatory and that’s why you also see it as a topical out, you know, people applying it topically. It’s now in skin creams because the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are so amazing. And so yes, for a pet with arthritis, there’s lots of research available of published research…. Now that is coming online since its legality that you know it’s okay to do more in the university setting and research on a federal level that support that CBD is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory. At the popular pet some of our products, we have a relief prep plus that specifically for anti-inflammatory. And you know it occurred to us that you have one powerful anti-inflammatory why not also we have MSM, Yuka [phonetic 05:18] and Boswellia included as well, which are also already supported by research to be powerfully anti-inflammatory. And I myself have an over 16-year-old rescue dog. And she’s just really gotten her life back with regular use of CBD. And that’s the other thing. It’s like anything else you need to be consistent.


Russell  04:53

Sure. And again, like my Sassy is 12 and a half, she gets referenced on pretty much every week on the board. But yeah, I’ve noticed with her…. Her hips are going…. She’ll struggle occasion to stand up if she’s been lying down for too long and things like that. So it’s been… For per se, it’s been on my mind about something to look into as well. One of the key questions I had, I’m sure some listeners will as well. You don’t want to mask the pain of the CBD products, actually physically helping to [unintelligible 06:09] but like assisting in pain management, or is it just sort of masking over the problem?


Kendra  06:15

Yeah, that’s a good question. You know, and if you’re reducing inflammation, pain will be reduced.


Russell  06:21

[crosstalk] That’s a good thing.


Kendra  06:23

All right, pain is result of inflammation. But you know, with my…. I don’t know how your 12-year-old but my 16-year-old, she just doesn’t want to stay at home, if you’re off on a hike, she will come in with you. And so if that extra CBD, it’s not that it’s masking the pain and making her want to do that she wants to do that. [crosstalk] putting her in her ability to be more active. And you know another component is the more active dogs are when they get into the elder years, they reduce weight, you know, all the things that you know, happens. And so we can keep them a little more active because they’re more comfortable,


Russell  07:02

Whatever, it’s the same for humans, right? [crosstalk] the older we get, the more we’ve got to keep active. It’s exactly the same kind for our dogs. In terms of CBD and perhaps younger dogs. Is it something that you would use as a routine or something that would use when the need arises?


Kendra  07:19

Yeah, I think…. I mean, it’s up to the individual and how much they support their dog. But it has an amazing ability even as people you know, there’s research now each and every day…. I mean, a couple weeks ago came out about its support for oncoming Alzheimer, and we have the same systems in terms of CB 1 and CB 2 receptor systems as our dogs. And so when the people research comes out, you think to yourself well. If it’s good for people to on a maintenance program, it’s good for your pet. But you know, the other application of CBD, it just so happens that…. At the popular pets, we have two versions, we have one very targeted pain because we include other things, and one for anxiety, but many companies just recognize that it’s good for both and they have one tincture that you purchase.


Russell  08:08

And what about the age range? Again, I’m limited in my knowledge about this, but either in a human or dog term application, my personal experience or knowledge, we’ll look at it again, like I said, from an older dogs perspective, but again, yes, we can use it for younger adults, but for puppies [crosstalk] ?


Kendra  08:27

That’s a good question. That’s a really good question. Now research at this point I don’t think is advanced, there is research to support the fact that there has been no ongoing delay or Tereus effects from use of CBD. And of course, I’m not a veterinarian, so you would consult your veterinarian, but I’m just talking about what I know of the research. And what you really need to watch is, is any drug interactions, but as far as ages, I don’t think we’ve gotten that far advance. But if we look at the human side, and we look at what’s happening in the human world, I mean, there’s even FDA [phonetic 09:03] drugs approved for pediatrics to control seizures. So, they’re obviously FDA approved, but on the pet side, it is just not that advanced to support and be able to say that.


Russell  09:18

It’s probably not too far of a reach to say yeah, it’s probably fine. But again, yes, it isn’t quite there yet. Again, it is a…. I mean, for me, particularly I’m not sure what it’s like in the states, but for me here in Thailand, I do see a lot of quote purebred dogs, which are just you know, puppy farm puppy mill dogs that mentally seem pretty stable, but physically have a lot of ailments and issues and what have you, bearing in mind that this is the dog that has arrived. And already from a… Sadly [phonetic 09:52] from an early age of displaying some elements of pain and going to be dealing with that. Then I guess it would be useful. It makes sense that there was the ability to use these sort of products at an early stage with no side effects that can help them sort of develop and get through.


Kendra  10:08

Yeah, and it’s also about experimentation when people are finding as well, is because of the receptor system that CBD really works in conjunction, it’s really a trial and error and fixing just like what we’re finding in people. It’s everybody is so different. It’s not like, fixing your B 12 [phonetic 10:27]. And then everybody, there’s a recommended daily dose, you know, at CBD our system itself is so different that it really is trying to figure out different dosages and figuring out what works?




Russell  10:40

Well, that taps into my very next question, which was, how do you work out? How much CBD does my dog need? I mean, my sassy is 22 kilos, which I think an American speak is about 45 pounds. But yeah, if I’ve got a dogs of different ages, different weights and sizes, dogs at different levels, does that all play into a part of the dosage?


Kendra  11:04

Absolutely. And I think it is. Now the good thing about it is there’s no indication that you can overdose on CBD. So like I said, there is this trial and error concept. But also the other thing as that we need to keep in mind is, like, at the popular pets, our CBD is water soluble. So that’ll be fast absorbed, and more efficient use of the body, because you spray it in the mouth, and it instantly is absorbed by the body. So in effect, you need less, right? Opposed to an oil based tincture, which you put in the mouth, it will go through the entire body, it will be digested by the liver, and the actual amount the dog uses far less. So you would get more of that in CBD milligrams. So you know it and then you have topical applications, which are extremely effective as well, because it gets right to the receptor site and a topical application, there’s no limit, you would just keep applying it as long as there’s no skin irritation or otherwise.


Russell  12:05

So I mean, it’s about I’m going to apply either the topical or take or ingest something. And if it’s not making any difference, I’ll add a bit more. Whereas if all of a sudden my dogs doing cartwheels [phonetic 12:17] I guess we’ve nailed the dosage.


Kendra  12:19

Yeah, so with our products, you would use…. It comes in a spray bottle of chicken flavored spray, you spray it in the mouth, and you would use about four sprays for 70 ish pound lab size dog.


Russell  12:34

And what sort of…. Just dealing with the popular pets, what is the range of products that you have?


Kendra  12:40

Yeah, so we have a cat line and a dog line. And we’re really proud about not being just a CBD only company…. Obviously CBD is our hero ingredient. But for instance, on the anxiety side, we also include terpenes, which are a whole another subject of itself and calming terpenes to that to our formula. And we worked with biochemist to create that/ So we have a common line. And then we have a relief plus and like I said the relief plus includes other botanicals that are research based with our CBD to support pain and inflammation.



Russell  13:16

From the calming side… This might sound like a silly question, but what sort of things are you looking to help our pets with?


Kendra  13:24

Yeah, so certain pets have anxiety, separation anxiety. So, you know, I personally use it for my pets on long road trips when they have to be in the car for a while, and my sister does a lot of air travel with her dog and she has found great success with it as well. You know, she even has a friend that uses it on a boat. So I think if the dog actually has an issue with anxiety, or you’re placing the dog in a situation that may cause greater anxiousness. I think both those applications are great.


Russell  14:00

If we’re dealing with physical pain, like, again, sassy, she’s got reasonable hip [phonetic 14:06] dysplasia… if I’m using…. Say a CBD product for that we can argue whether it’s managing are sort of masking the pain in one respect. But if it’s helping her and she’s being more active, that’s always going to be a good thing. But ultimately, it’s not going to fix the physical issue. On the other side, if we’re taking a product that is helping to reduce their anxiety at a beginning level, we’re going to offer a certain amount of that particular product. But are you finding or is there any research that suggests that over time, the dog in themselves is overcoming those anxieties through the help of this drug, but they’re not required to use it quite so much anymore? You see what I mean?


Kendra  14:47

Yeah. You know, I could see that in an ACL situation right as a dog the ACL repairs, the dog gets stronger, and it could be used in the…. You know, that’s like one situation, that would be really helpful, I believe, but if you have like an ongoing arthritis, you know, not much is going to help unless you reduce that inflammation, which it takes would be consistent or…. You know, I had actually… Even our bio chemist. But this is another example, actually our bio chemist used it, his parents’ dogs had diverticulitis [phonetic 15:29], and it really helped them. And that, again, would be an interim solution to deal with pain and discomfort. So, I guess there’s a bit of both ongoing pain and inflammation. And then if there’s any pain that resulting from a surgery or another issue.


Russell  15:46

Something yeah…. Fascinating stuff. It almost kind of feels very, very new. But it’s exciting. And it’s very interesting. And I know, it’s more of a popular thing in the US and has been for some time, but certainly here in Thailand, it is groundbreaking, the new in terms of like even some CBD coffee shops have opened up, but like within the last few months, and what have you in terms of how the laws are changing. So it is interesting. And when it comes to the pet stuff, obviously comes a little bit of a later stage. But watch this space, as it works.

Kendra  16:21

Yeah, it’s always fun to see new things come and help our pets and I truly believe obviously, but CBD is one of those.


Russell  16:29

Excellent, cool. Well Kendra, thank you so much for your time. Really appreciate it. Very insightful. I think that has answered a lot of our questions.


Kendra  16:37

Oh, well, I appreciate you having me and your communities spending a bit of their day with me?


Russell  16:42

No, not from a tool. Thank you very, very much.


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