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Travelling Dog Oliver: Gives us the answer to the question “will CBD Calm my dog down?

Meet Oliver – nervous no more

Oliver’s pal Stacy loves to travel.  She originally fell in love with Oliver, a darling little Havanese puppy so she could take him on the road.   Havanese are an AKC breed, with small but sturdy bodies, and an adaptable nature and known to be content anywhere that they can command the attention of admirers young and old alike, both exemplary of a perfect travel companion. 

Oliver met those breed characteristics and fits easily into a travel carrier, but much to his dismay discovered that his adaptable nature was not so adaptable to being under the seat in a carrier on flights.  And, although in a carrier he is still somewhat close to his owner, Oliver quickly developed  dog separation anxiety.  This, in turn, caused his owner to experience severe angst as well in the close quarters of the plane.


Oliver’s owner experimented with various dog anxiety medications typically prescribed for  separation anxiety in dogs, but Oliver was so small that the medicine just made him feel “down” and out of sorts when arriving at this destination.  

So, Stacy asked herself will CBD Calm my dog down?”   Originally, she tried  CBD dog treats but found they were not effective quickly enough or targeted enough to treat his dog anxiety.  She did further research about how to help a dog with  separation anxiety


Upon discovering Calm Anti-Anxiety Spray for Dogs, she found the perfect solution.  On the first trial, Oliver relaxed for the entire flight.  His owner was overjoyed.  She continued to experiment to find the optimum  dose of CBD. With a couple of quick easy sprays of  Calm CBD hemp spray pre-flight or as needed on the flight (depending on the length of the flight) Oliver could easily be kept calm. 

Now  Calm CBD Hemp Spray for Dogs is a part of their regular travel routine and Stacy and Oliver, a happy-go-lucky travel team and their fellow passengers certainly appreciate the addition of Calm hemp spray for dogs as well.  Stacy found the answer to “will CBD Calm my dog down?” and it is a resounding yes!  Her and Oliver can regularly be found on planes to and from Alaska and fishing boats off of  Valdez Alaska, their favorite.  


Things to remember about using CBD for Dog Anxiety on the Plane or dog  anxiety in the car:

  • All CBD is different. Oil Based tinctures will not work as fast as highly absorbable and water soluble  Calm CBD Hemp Spray
  • Experiment with dosages.  All dogs are different.  CBD is safe for and different  dosages of CBD for pets may be necessary depending on the beneficial effect your are seeking. 
  • Type of CBD.  The type of CBD treats you use will dictate how long you will see the beneficial effect.   CBD Dog treats, although great for maintenance, will not work quickly as they need to be absorbed into the pets body and will be slower to see the beneficial effect.  

If you find your pet with a bit of travel or separation anxiety don’t just ask yourself “will CBD help my dog?” but also, give CBD for dogs a try, in particular  Calm CBD Hemp Spray specially formulated by biochemists to promote a sense of Calm in dogs with premium water soluble CBD and calming terpenes.