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How to Make a Dog Smile

Even though some experts think that dogs cannot smile we sure believe they can and that we can even make our dogs smile.  We can make our dogs smile by ensuring they are happy and relaxed but we can also teach our dogs to smile.  

The next question is how to make a dog smile since if we know that dogs can smile we might as well teach them to do it more since a dog’s smile makes us smile.  

Teaching your dog to smile can be done in these five steps starting with teaching them to touch your hand to press on your hand with your dogs lips.



Necessary supplies to teach your dog to smile



More Treats.


Five Steps to Teach Your Dog to Smile


Step 1 – Teaching Your Dog to Smile

Teach dog a touch command.  When your dog smells or touches your hand you reward the behavior.

Keep it up so your dog is 100% comfortable touching your hand when you direct and say the word “touch” at all different places around their face.


Note only reward if they actually touch your hand.


Step 2 – Teaching Your Dog to Smile

Move on to target the touch to just one finger. 

We think that the evidence here speaks for itself and from the Dog Lover’s Perspective of course dogs can smile.  They do it every day.  Step 3 – Teaching Your Dog to Smile

Start to Build Up with his nose staying against the finger leaning upwards.



Step 4 – Teaching Your Dog to Smile


Start placing finger above head where he had to stretch a little bit.  Encourage him to look down with a treat at the same time and push his own nose up and reward.  

Step 5 – Teaching Your Dog to Smile


Start to incorporate the smile command with the dog resting his nose on your finger but don’t force dogs lips in an up position.   

See this video great video to learn all of the steps to teach your dog to smile.