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Dog Dream Symbolism: Do the dogs in my dream mean something?

Many people see dreams as a connection to the unconscious mind and where dreams contain symbols, like dogs, it may reflect the inner workings of the unconscious mind and those dog dream symbols may have meaning.  

Do Dogs That Appear in Your Dream Have Meaning?

Yes! Dogs that appear in your dream do have generally accepted symbolism and the way a dog appears in your dream can be subject to dog dream interpretation. 

Although each dream is individual for each particular person a dog in a dream has become associated with dog dream symbolism and a particular meaning.  Whether it is a dog dream barking dog, or an excited dog, there are generally accepted associations of dog dream interpretation. 

So, when you wake up from your latest dog dream check our list to see if any of these dog dream symbols appeared in your dream and what it may mean.  

person with dark hair in white pajamas sleeping amongst the clouds in white sheetsPerhaps the presence of a dog in your dream does not simply mean that you and Harry have recently spent more time together than otherwise but instead it may reveal some patterns or associations in your life.   

Why we dream what we dream

Dreams are very individual and personal to each person.  According to the American Sleep Association a dream can be explained as a succession of sensations, emotions, ideas, and images that occur involuntarily in a person’s mind during certain stages of sleep.

According to an article published in the Frontiers of Psychology, on the one hand, psychological research has demonstrated that dream content is influenced by one’s personal life, especially personal concerns (Schwartz, 1999; Schwartz and Maquet, 2002; Schredl and Hofmann, 2003), and some neuroscientists have hypothesized that dreaming is involved in psychological individualism. Thus, both camps have provided results and hypotheses that support the possibility that dreaming has something to do with personal and meaningful issues. 

However, most dream symbolism comes from the work of Freud, who argued that the unconscious, which guides behaviors and desires, expresses itself during dreams. Accordingly, dog dream symbolism may have a connection to your subconscious and what is going on in your personal life.

Dog in Dreams Symbolism and Interpretation

Over 100,000 searches on google each year relate to the symbolism of dogs in dreams.  Most people seem to be wondering what the particular dog in a dream means, whether the dog in the dream is biting a person, chasing a person or otherwise.  

We researched some dog dream symbolism to prepare this handy guide with the help of Dream Moods so that if you are one of those that regularly has a dog show up in a dream you can quickly check what the dog dream symbolism means and then perhaps reflect on your life.  Of course, it may just mean you need to spend more time with your dog but we found it fascinating all the same.

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