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Stupid pet tricks are making a comeback!

We love having fun with our pets and have many articles on fun activities to do with your dog, dog crafts and outdoor destinations but one thing we don’t talk a lot about is Stupid Pet Tricks. 

We clearly remember staring at wonder of Stupid Pet Tricks on David Letterman so it totally made sense when we recently learned there would be a comeback since just like the latest Crocs comeback good things do never die.  

So, with TBSs recent announcement that David Letterman’s ‘Stupid Pet Tricks’ would be Reimagined As TBS Comedy Variety Series Hosted By Sarah Silverman, another one of our heros, we were very excited.

Not only does this provide the chance for many more Popular Pets to let the world know about their Mother Puppin’ Adorableness which we wrote a whole book about but it also provides ample opportunities to let the world know about the pawsomeness of all pets and the ingenuity of pet lovers.  We also cannot help but think that such ingeniousness will even be greater than normal in light of most people spending more time at home lately.  

If you are searching for ideas there are several books that provide inspiration for your next pet trick, like this one that we particularly enjoyed from Sassafras Lowrey, called Tricks in the City for Daring Dogs and the people that love them, which we loved as Sassafras, not only has a cool name but is a long time pet trick aficionado.  

Plus don’t forget to start training early!

If you need inspiration check out some older episodes of Stupid Pet tricks on David Letterman.  Not only will get your creative juices flowing but the outfits and throwback to the 1970’s and 80’s provide extra entertainment.  Some of our favorite episode are below.  Spoiler alert!  They involve dog catching, dog sleeping, and massage. 

Have fun and make sure that the world knows about the awesomeness of your pet.  Stay tuned for a fun competition where you will be able to win prizes if you show us!