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Dog Friendly Beaches to Top Your Bucket List

When you see a sign that says “no dog on the beach” are you as sad as your pup?  

Likely so, which means you love beaches as much as we do, and what is better than that a dog friendly beach.  This is why we have created a list of dog friendly beaches and parks to top your bucket list. 

We appreciate towns and cities that understand the importance of a walk on the beach with your dog and have can set aside dog beach friendly space for us to play with our dogs.  However, even more, these dog friendly beaches top our bucket list due to the incredible surroundings and the level of dog friendliness.

Top Dog Friendly Beach – Carmel Beach, California 

If you are looking for a dog friendly beach in California, look no further than Carmel Beach in Carmel by the Sea, California.  Carmel Beach is a dog and person heaven.  The entire beach is off-leash and the spectacular views and amazing natural scenery are truly one of the many hidden treasures of beauty spread on the Central Coast of California. 

The restaurants surrounding Carmel beach contain services to outfit and enjoy life in style from great dog shops to bakeries or a dog friendly wine bar Carmel by the Sea is special and you may spot a Popular Pet Family Member around town there as well.  So, if you are planning to go out with your puppy, then get to Carmel beach and cross this must-see off of your bucket list. 

Top Dog Friendly Beach – Willard Beach; Portland, Maine 

If you are living in Maine, then you have tons of options to take your four-legged partner with you; Willard Beach is the best.  Dogs are permitted at Willard Beach from May 1st to September 30th from 7 A.M – 9 A.M. & 7 P.M. – 9 P.M. ONLY.  Your doggy will enjoy frolicking in the soothing waves.  Equipped with all basic and advanced facilities, Willard Beach is one of the best dog friendly beaches in the town.

Top Dog Friendly Beach – Huntington Dog Beach, California 

From events to special days for your dog, Huntington Dog Beach offers them all. As ther website claims “If all dogs go to heaven, they’re probably going to Huntington Dog Beach.”  It stretches 1.5 miles along the southern coastline of California. There’s a specialized picnic area where tables and fountains are set up to entertain your pups. This beach opens its doors for visitors throughout the year irrespective of seasonal variations. 

If you are planning to visit Huntington Beach, then May and September are prime times when your canine friend can enjoy the dog friendly beach with a lot of other pups. A must visit for travel planning is the McKenna Subaru Surf City Surf Dog event and Corgi Beach Day. Also, there are lots of dog-friendly restaurants and places to recharge with your dog pal nearby.

Top Dog Friendly Beach – Caswell Beach

At the southernmost tip of North Carolina is the gorgeous town of Caswell Beach, where well-behaved and leashed dogs are permitted year-round and unleashed dogs under voice control may visit from dawn until 9:00 a.m., and from October 1 through April 30, unleashed but controlled dogs are welcome on the beach from 3:00 p.m. until dark. No matter what time of year it is, Caswell Beach allows your pup to have freedom on the beach, so he can enjoy the sun, sand and waves right beside you.

According to Trips with Dogs, Caswell Beach is the least populated Oak Island beach, so a quiet, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere is nearly guaranteed. 

Various areas around Caswell Beach have comfortable pet friendly accommodations, such as hotels and furnished vacation rentals. You’ll have no trouble finding lodging options where your whole family can feel right at home on your vacation!

As one visitor claimed  “This was a super beach for family and Dog. The water was great the sand was white, the beach was clean. Parking was close.”  

Bonus Tip: when you take your pup to the beach ensure that you bring plenty of healthy dog water for him to enjoy. Without clean fresh water your dog may try to drink salt water which can make him sick and exacerbate any threat of dehydration from the heat and activity.

The Bottom Line About Dog Beaches

We love beaches and we love dog friendly beaches and time with our dogs on the beaches even more. Whenever you plan on enjoying the warmth of the sun, then pack your bag and head towards one of these beaches along with your pup to cross these fun experiences of your bucket list and you will be certain to have the happiest healthy well exercised dog out there.  

Don’t forget to stalk up on your doggie essentials prior to your next beach trip like poop bags, a new spiffy collar that will withstand the surf and sea, a frisbee and some towels.  If you have an extended car ride check out Calm CBD hemp spray for the ride and Enjoy!

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