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How to Make a Dog Paw Print: Ideas for using your dogs paw print in custom art and craft projects

Are you looking to learn how to do a paw print craft with your dog? Dog pawprints are great for preserving memories and an easy craft you can do with your pet. Here are some top tips and how to do a dog paw print.

What is a dog paw print craft?

A paw print craft is a craft is created by stamping a white paper surface with your dog’s paw. They will usually last a lifetime and the application is less messy than using paint.  Since each pet creates their own unique mark each paw print crafted will be unique. Think of all the places that you go with your dog and consider the paws that take him there.  Pawprints are fun to use in all sorts of crafts.  

How to Make a Dog Paw Print?

The easiest way to make a dog paw print is to get a stamp pad or paint and press the dogs pad of the foot gently into the stamp pad or paint and then stamp white paper. Or, you can buy a no mess stamp kit from Chewy which provides no mess ink for stamping dogs paws.  Making dog paw prints crafts is a fun way to involve your dog in your craft project.  

Helpful Tips For Making a Dog Paw print

A great place to start is to do a few practice prints with your dog. Make sure you have all of your supplies in the vicinity as once you get your dog calm and ready you want to be ready to go.  Next, you will want to use either cardstock or construction paper. Lighter weight papers may rip with your dog’s weight. Finally, keep your pet steady when you paw print the paper so there is no smudging.   

Wash paws thoroughly after dipping to avoid more pawprints than you were expecting!

Ideas for Paw Print Crafts

Dogs grow up and leave us one by one, and so do their paw prints but if you make some paw print crafts you can include them in various projects in your house.

Once you are done with your dog print design take a picture of your dog print and use it in some of these dog crafts and art for a truly custom project.  

  1. Use your dog paw print in homemade cards or use a service like Zazzle to upload your design and have your cards printed.  You can add fun dog puns to your cards with inspiration from our list of funny dog puns.  
  2. Use your paw print in art pieces.  Paw prints can be facing a fun image of your pet to adorn walls with some dog art.  
  3. Use on printed goods at your next dog party.  We love dog parties and have a ton of dog party ideas.  With options like Zazzle you can add your paw prints to napkins and all sorts of goods for your next dog party.  
  4. Make stickers, magnets and more.  With companies like Sticker mule you can make your own dog print stickers, magnets and more for a personalized touch throughout your home.
  5. Use as your next tattoo.  Show your paw print to your tattoo artist to have a replica of your dogs paw print made into a permanent tattoo and if you are not quite ready for that head over to Inkbox to create a custom personalized temporary tattoo with your dog paw print.  

As always enjoy and have fun and give your dog lots of treats for be patient enough to create craft with you!