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Dog Game Bingo for Weekend Dog Fun (With free Printable)

We are not talking about the dog named Bingo but instead a fun game of dog Bingo that you can play as you take your dog out and about or with a friend on a doggie playdate. 

Two people walking with three dogs on leashes on grass.

Enjoy the free dog Bingo printable or take a screenshot to your phone and track your progress as you are out and about.  

Play dog bingo virtually with your friends to see who lives in the most dog friendly cities (we are betting Seattle).  

Simply mark off the sightings of the dog items on your bingo card to win!  

A picture of a game of dog bingo to play when you go on a walk with your dog.

Dog Games FAQ

What are some free dog games to play?

You can play dog games like dog bingo for free. Join up with friends to have fun with this dog game and enjoy your walk a little more.

What do dogs like to play with?

Dogs like to play with toys that squeak and dogs love to learn new things like dog sports that will challenge their brains and keep them young.