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Dog Instagram Accounts: 11 Sporty Dogs to follow on Instagram

We love sporty dogs and their dog Instagram accounts.  Sporty dogs are a particular type of Popular Pet that have an incredible bond with their families, are courageous and have admirable athletic abilities (and most often the pet lovers that guide them on their adventures are as well!). 

We talk a lot about sporty dogs in our Book Motherpuppin’ Adorable” What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s.  Sporty dogs can be sporty doing recreational activities like hiking in a dog friendly Park or in heated competition like agility or disc dog


When we considered these dog Instagram accounts to get on our list of top 11 Sporty Dogs to Follow on Instagram we looked at overall sportiness and activities, backdrop interest and photography interest. 


Either way, these dog Instagram accounts of these sporty dogs are certain to impress and be ones to follow to keep up with their exciting lives and provide inspo for yours. 

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  @alexborsuk a mountain lover and adventurer featured in our new book!  Follow to see some incredible photography and inspiration for your next outdoor adventure.  Alex can often be seen with #ottotheadventurepup

@byron_blue_staffy is an incredibly athletic dog and shows his athletic proficiency in agility.

 @ goldenboy_seabass is a voracious paddleboarder and the photography that is capturing his sportiness adventures is fun and worth a follow. 

@dunegiants is an account with a lot sporty dogs but Meadow recently started dock diving.  Follow her on her journey as a dock diver and pursuing other sporty ventures. 

@myrasabolesky dog account won our hearts this sporty dog can be see high on mountains and in the water and is a fun follow along with his charge.

@miss.timber is a very sporty German Shephard from the pacific Northwest which makes sportiness somewhat inevitable.  We think you will appreciate the great light and fun outdoor sporty dog photos. 

@thehullpack is a special account featuring three Great Danes and a Malamute tin Colorado and mostly in the backcountry which we assumed means they are little bit sporty.  The photography is special too and commendable as getting that hull pack to pose is likely quite a feat.  

You have likely heard of @kickerdogmuse with 67k followers but with the incredible photography we cannot figure out why he does not have more than @tuckerbudzin the other Golden on IG.  You will not regret checking out this account!  This teams adventures are so inspiring and genuine from rappelling, hiking, swimming there is always something to indulge you.  

@maddie.the.vizsla is another sporty dog that we deem sporty due to the multiple pics in outdoor scenery.  We have always been fascinated by the beauty of Vizslas and these do not disappoint with their gorgeous athleticism that comes through with these photos.

@skylarthesurfingdog is another dog to make the Dog Instagram account to follow.  He not only surfs, teaches his little sister rescue @nellieblusurfs and is a therapy dog.  That is one cool sporty dog.  

@findyoursummit is last but not lease for sporty dog Instagram accounts to follow.  These outdoor dogs, Molly, Summit and Mylo look like the belong and love to be in the backcountry which makes them automatically sporty in our book.  At 189k followers they are not a secret but they may have not hit your list yet but certainly deserve to.  

If you love sporty dogs as much as us stay tuned for our new Book MotherPuppin’ Adorable’ what to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s coming in October.  We have dedicated a whole chapter to sporty dogs including the Sporty Meter.  

 Leave us a comment if there is a sporty dog we missed as we surely did.