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The Ultimate Dog Birthday Gift Guide: 10 Dog Birthday Gift Ideas Prepared by Harry, a Popular Pet!

Looking for dog birthday gift ideas?   Hear about the dog birthday gifts that Popular Pet Harry has on his dog birthday gift list this year.  Hear out of the mouth of those that matter and find out what to get a dog for their Birthday.  These are not gifts for the human caretakers but these are dog Birthday gifts selected by dogs for dogs giving you the confidence to know that each one will be a huge dog Birthday hit.  


Bones and More Bones.  Harry requested a bone as large as his head which is preferable as we learned in our article How to Throw a Dog a Bone which provided us tips and tricks on keeping your dog safe when giving him a bone.  We found just the right bone on extra large for Harry the extra special Popular Pet on his extra special day.  


Nom Nom Subscription.  Nom Nom is the self professed feel good food for pets and Harry recently discovered it and goes bananas with each new delivery. 

No more mystery meat for this Popular Pet and say good bye to tummy troubles due to their additive free foods.  Harry says please!

Calm or Relieve Plus CBD Hemp Spray.  Harry thinks Calm CBD  Hemp Spray is one of the most indulgent gifts a pup can get. 

He views Calm CBD Hemp spray like a fine glass of wine and and an indulgence that he deserves for his Birthday.  Dogs like Oliver also love Calm CPD Hemp Spray and you can learn about him here

Comfy Orthopedic Bed.  When Harry made this request for a comfy dog bed we shopped around for the best option out there and decided to get him his fondest desire we needed an Orvis orthopedic bed.  Described as a whole lot to love. The supportive 4″-thick memory foam cushion is calibrated and designed specifically for canines—promising to reduce pressure on joints, support muscles, and improve circulation.  

The plush polyester-filled, double-stacked bolsters promise to stay in place, and provide a sense of security and ultimate comfort for your dog. And the velvety-soft microfiber cover, with piping along the bolster edges, looks as good as it feels. A water-resistant liner protects the memory foam. 

Our Popular Pet deserves an Orvis Orthopedic bed.  

Special Bandana.  Harry is not a costume guy but he is ok with a cool bandana

to celebrate the day.  Popular Pets know that when they look suave and festive more people know its their dog Birthday and more pats and treats come your way.

Dog Birthday Cake Chew Toy.  Dog Birthday cakes are pretty incredible and especially with our dog birthday cake recipe and do Birthday cake icing but a close second is a special dog birthday cake toy that Harry can shred to bits and remove the squeaker from the second the guests leave or during any down time at his dog birthday party. 

Massage.  Pups can get a great massage from one of their team members.  However, if their pet pal attends & graduates from the Ojai School of Canine Massage, on demand puppy massages are sure to follow.  Nothing is better than on demand massages and having a qualified canine massage therapist as a roommate is really high on Harry’s list. 

In the alternative he did find a dog massage class on Udemy but he thinks the 40 hours of training from the Ojai School would be more appropriate for a roommate of a Popular Pet. 

Carmel By-the Sea Weekend.  Carmel by the Sea is truly as dog friendly as Paris France but with the added fun of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Topping Harry’s list is a stay at Dog friendly Carmel Hotel plus a weekend of romping on Carmel Beach and visits to Carmel Dog Shop for a treat.  There is a reason Carmel beach is on our dog beach bucket list

Kong Toy.  Harry loves his Kong and of course having it stuffed with one of our Kong toy stuffer recipes to keep dogs calm and happy.  The Kong toy keeps him engaged and the reward of our anxiety relieving stuffing for sure keeps him going after more.

New Book Mother Puppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s  Our new book is exactly what Harry needs and he knows it. 


He has the confidence and knowledge enough to know he is a hit now he needs his roommate to let the world know.  


Next time you are on the hunt for the perfect dog Birthday gift, take a listen to Harry’s dog Birthday list ideas and get the Popular Pet in your life, something they will truly enjoy.