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The Popular Pets celebrates “National Mutt Day” in honor of mixed-breed dogs 

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HOLLISTER, CA – The Popular Pets is celebrating mixed breed dogs in honor of National Mutt Day on July 31, 2022, a special day dedicated to embracing, saving, and celebrating mixed breed dogs.

According to the Best Friends Animal Society of the 6.5 Million dogs that enter U.S. animal shelters each year, an estimated 80 percent are not purebred.  The Popular Pets, always a welcome respite for mixed breed dogs, is celebrating this day by providing mixed breed dog resources such as Articles on Top Reasons to Get a Mixed Breed Dog, the Ultimutt Dog Quiz, and Famous Mixed Breed Dogs You Should Know, plus free printable breed term puzzles and more.  

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Mixed breed dogs can bring joy and love into your family

Not sure what a designer dog is?  Fancy your skills at guessing dog breeds better than a DNA test?  Test those mad skills and learn more about the issues that mixed breed dogs face by visiting The Popular Pets.  

Share stories of your mixed breed dog to have them featured.  “Mixed breed dogs come in all shapes and sizes,” said Kendra Clark, of The Popular Pets “by celebrating their individuality and the sheer love of dogs this National Mutt Day maybe more dog lovers will open their homes and hearts to mixed breed dogs.”

Visit The Popular Pet’s website to learn about mixed breed dogs and simply more about navigating life with a dog by your side in the most fun way possible please visit

Learn about those that are helping dogs like Best Friends Society, those helping senior dogs and some dad’s doing amazing things to help mutts that we featured for Father’s Day.

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National Mutt Day FAQs

What is National Mutt Day?

Animal Welfare Advocate, Colleen Paige created National Mutt Day, also known as National Mixed Breed Dog Day, in 2005 to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs and raise awareness for all dogs in adoption centers looking for forever homes.

How do we celebrate National Mutt Day?

You can celebrate National Mutt Day by supporting adoption efforts and by doing anything that will raise awareness for the needs of dogs looking for forever homes. You can do this by posts to social media showing support and volunteering time and money. Share the cause of many people doing wonderful things for pets like all of the people helping senior pets in our ultimate guide of senior dog adoptions centers.

What day is National Mutt Day?

National Mutt Day is July 31 and December 2 as it is one of the few dog holidays that is celebrated twice a year which reflects its importance in the lives of many dogs.

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