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What Your Dog’s Zodiac Sign Reveals About their Personality

Have you ever wondered why your dog has the personality they do? Your dog’s breed and how your dog was raised are thought to dictate their personality but have you considered that the stars may be a factor as well? In previous posts we discussed dog astrology compatibility, here, we turn to the stars to take a glimpse into the doggy zodiac and find out why our dogs are who they are. For those of you with rescue dogs who don’t know your dog’s birthday, may learn more about them by backing into their sign from their personality traits of their dog astrology sign.  


What is a Dog’s Zodiac Sign?

First and foremost, know that there are no separate and apart astrological signs for dogs (these terms were developed for humans.)  Nevertheless, dog astrology and looking at your dog’s zodiac sign is a fun way to provide you insight into their personality and allow you to better understand why they are the way they are. What is Your Dog’s Zodiac Sign? Your dog’s zodiac sign, like a human’s zodiac sign, is determined by their birth date. By knowing your dog’s birthday, you can figure out the dog’s zodiac sign. The dog’s zodiac sign is determined by the star sign they were born under.


How to Find Your Dog’s Zodiac Sign


Each year in a dog’s life is marked by a star chart based on the position of the sun and moon when your dog was born. Dogs are influenced by the sun and moon at different times of the year so the stars you see in the chart might not mean that your dog’s life will be a particular way that year. Of course, your dog’s behavior at any one time is also based on their breed characteristics, current environment and mood.

Here are the main personality traits associated with zodiac signs along with the dates of birth.  

What Your Dog’s Zodiac Sign Reveals About His or Her Personality

Turning to the sky for answers is a fun activity to get a glimpse into the personality of your dog, and there are plenty of reasons to take a look. As we all know, dogs are some of the most loyal and loving beings in the animal kingdom and are generally unashamed to show their feelings towards people. Dogs’ personalities are a reflection of their ancestors and our in-born instincts to keep our children safe. The light and dark of the zodiac plays a big role in defining dogs’ behavior, as well as their emotions. 


So, what do you think? Does your dog’s behavior match up with their zodiac sign? Are there any traits you wish they would adopt? Did you already think of these traits? What dog in the zodiac matched yours?