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Dog Groomer Gifts: 8 Gifts to Show Your Appreciation for Your Dog Groomer

Dog groomers are a key part of our dog’s Great Pyrenees, Ruby’s team so when the Holidays come and we have the opportunity to express our thanks with a gift for our dog groomer.  With so many people to choose a gift for at the Holidays we thought you would appreciate some dog gift ideas that your dog groomer, dog gifts that show your appreciation for their hard work to keep your furry friend looking great and photo worthy this holiday season and many more to come.

Woman with long blonde hair holding a stack of presents beside a golden dog.

Chew This Journal: An Activity Book for You and Your Dog 

Chew on this Journal is a fun activity book that will help you become more engaged with your dog.  In it, you will find loads of activities and training plans. Chew This Journal provides dog owners and their dogs with step-by-step instructions for over 100 activities and training plans such as:

  • Crafts like paw painting flowers
  • DIY treat puzzles
  • No-sew beds
  • Tug toys you and your dog can make together to keep, to gift to friends and family at the holidays, or even to donate to a local shelter to support dogs in need.

Chew on this Journal would be a great addition to a dog gift basket and is a great dog mom gift idea. 

Dog Groomer T-Shirt

Dog groomer T-short dark grey pawprint, scissors, comb.

Your dog groomer will love a shirt that speaks to them and their profession and celebrates their love of dogs.  Check out this T-shirt specially made for dog groomers on Etsy.  

CBD Hemp Spray.

Calm CBD hemp dog spray on a white background.

Head on over to our pet collection for some CBD Hemp Spray.  We offer calming CBD hemp spray and CBD hemp spray to address pain and inflammation.  Dog groomers may love to experiment with Calm CBD Hemp Spray which would be an excellent add on to their service offering and make their lives much easier since dog hemp sprays are perfect for dogs with anxiety or senior dogs with pain.  Dog Groomers can efficiently administer spray to their pet customers since no more wrestling pets to the ground to insert a dropper of oil that may or may not work through the pets system to provide targeted relief.  These fast absorbable water soluble sprays are the perfect dog gift for dog lovers.  

Dog Groomer Accessory Bag

beige canvas bag that says "I am a dog groomer what is your superpower?" beside some cosmetics.

Dog groomers, like the rest of us, are always in need of place to stash accessories, make-up or tools.  The Dog groomer Accessory bag is the perfect place to do it.  Stylish and at the same time paying homage to their super power.  

Funny dog book for adults:  Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s

This book is the perfect addition to add a little levity to any dog groomer’s book shelf and is the book dog lovers have been yearning for, Motherpuppin’ Adorable: what to do if your dog is better than everyone else’s is a fun, tongue-in-cheek read that will provide readers with the most up-to-date tools and knowledge they need to ensure that their dogs are loved by all as they navigate life. The 355-page book, filled with quizzes and expert insights, is available in Kindle and Paperback. 

The book contains practical and valuable advice on turning a special dog into a great dog. 

Inside you will find:

  • An Chapter dedicated to all of the members of your dog’s team, which of course includes a dog groomer.
  • A special section “What Not to Say to Your Dog Groomer.” that your groomer will love.  
  • Hilarious quizzes to test your knowledge on everything from dog Instagram stars to which social media platform is the best for your dog. 
  • Illustrations from everything like the “Sporty Meter” to test your dog’s sportiness factor to a “How to Teach Your Dog to Paddle Board” series.  
  • Dear Kendra letters with in jest dog advice that rivals your favorite advice columnist.  
  • True Tails where Kendra tells true but ridiculous dog experiences.
  • Chapters dedicated to the real life challenges and opportunities that you and your “Adorable” may encounter.

Find a copy on Amazon and make it a solo gift or add it to your dog gift basket for the dog Mom or dog Dad in your life, their pet pals will appreciate it!  

Also, check out our themed Motherpuppin’ dog apparel for a bit of fun to add to any Motherpuppin’ Adorable book gift to make a cute dog-themed gift basket.  

The Chill Out Dog Gift Basket 

Blue box full of dog products with an orange sticker on the lid

If you know a Dog Groomer with a bit of a handful of dog on her hands from a dog that can get nervous, anxious, or does not want to calm down then a chill-out dog gift basket may be most appreciated.  Grab items from our article on five natural products to ease dog anxiety some of our favorites that make a dog gift basket stand out include:

Original AKC Dog Art 

A picture of a dog art printable of AKC dog breed groups.

There is a lot of dog art out there and art can sometimes be very subjective but you cannot go wrong with this funny dog art printable featuring the seven AKC dog groups in a fun and light fashion. 

Your dog groomer may need to spice up their walls and this  one of a kind play on the AKC dog groups will add a little fun to any decor.  Just download the printable file and take to your favorite printer and frame for a special gift to any dog groomer that will sure to bring a smile.  

Dog Groomer Tumbler

Dog groomer tumblers gift for dog groomers.

Dog grooming is hard and any dog groomer will appreciate a coordinated tumbler to have a quick refreshment break.  Check out this dog groomer themed tumbler that your dog groomer will appreciate!

Dog Groomer Keychain

Dog groomer keychain silver with the saying "best fluffin groomer ever."

This keychain with a cute groomer saying is a great gift for your dog groomer and immediately shows your appreciation for their craft with a cute saying.  

Get a cute keychain for your groomer

 We hope you love these dog groomer gift ideas if you have any more for us that would be appreciated by your deserving dog groomer let us know in the comments below.  

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Find more dog advice and fun stories in our popular book called Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s the perfect companion for navigating the best life with your dog. Learn more about this loved book.