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3 Top Dog Groomers We Love to Watch on Instagram

Everyone loves following the dog famous, the dog sporty, funny dogs or maybe even the dog seniors on Instagram but a new group of dog Instagram accounts that you may love just as much as us are top dog groomers or dog stylists.  These creators are showing a new side to their profession with fun dogs videos, pics and grooming tips.  

Close up of Asian woman and a small dog as a dog groomer influencer on Instagram.

The art these top dog groomers create and the absolute fun they have with dogs and grooming tools are scroll stoppers that can add interest to your feed as they have ours!

Top Dog Groomers to Follow on Instagram


Small brown furry dog on a pink grooming table getting groomed.
@arisathegroomer showing off one of her signature grooms as a groomer to the start dogs.

Known for her cute bear looks and her dog style artistry @arisathegroomer is a great top dog groomer to follow.  


Close up of dog being groomed with test "Lets talk about matter coats" on picture.
@britneymackgrooming talking about matted coats on her informative and fun IG account.

Another dog groomer that makes incredible dog art and also shares tips along with her plentiful reel posts.  Professional dog groomers likely will find following her helpful to learn but I simply love to see what she creates!


Close up of Asian woman and a small dog as a dog groomer influencer on Instagram.
@theboujeegroomer having some fun with a client

You may have already heard of this account due to her appearance on HBO max and celebrity status but if not this is definitely worth a follow for fellow groomers and dog lovers.  All her posts are fun reels that include some sort of amusing take on grooming dogs.  

Check out some of these top dog groomers accounts today and learn more about grooming or just get entertained.  

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