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How to Make Dog CBD Peanut Butter: Recipe Included

Giving our pets treats brings us joy.  So why not get creative and find new ways to give healthy treats like dog CBD peanut butter? Peanut butter alone makes for a healthy treat due to its fat content (provided you look for healthy brands with no additives like Laura Scudders all natural peanut butters) and CBD is well researched and can provide the benefits of CBD for dogs.  Therefore, the two make a perfect combo.

Golden retriever eating peanut butter from a woman with a spoon.

Dog CBD Peanut Butter Recipe

All you really need to make Dog CBD peanut butter is a couple of tablespoons of healthy peanut butter in a bowl.  Spray 3-5 sprays of Relieve Plus hemp CBD Spray or Calm CBD hemp spray and mix well.

Relieve Plus CBD hemp spray is made with ultra pure water soluble hemp and botanicals and terpenes like BoswelliaYucca, and MSM that are well supported by research along with CBD to be anti inflammatory and pain relieving making it a friend to any dog that needs a bit of support in elder years or recovering from an injury.

While Calm CBD hemp spray is packed with calming CBD and a proprietary blend of calming terpenes making it extremely useful for any dog or cat that struggles with anxiety, including separation anxiety and anxiety associated with loud noises and new experiences making a dog CBD peanut butter an extremely healthy alternative to many pet treats, even prepared CBD pet treats that may have an unknown amount of CBD in each treat and may not be your pets favorite.

A bottle of Calm CBD spray next to a jar of peanut butter with a spoon sticking out of it on a white background.
Calm and Relieve Plus go perfect together for an easy homemade wellness treat

How to use dog CBD Peanut Butter

Once you have made your dog CBD peanut butter you can smear it into a Kong or on your dogs favorite treat or even perhaps a treat that you have made. Kong toys provide anxious dog’s with a distraction that can be very welcome.

Think of the benefits for your dog if he is suffering from separation anxiety and you give him a dog CBD peanut butter with Calm CBD hemp spray in a Kong, not only will he have the benefits of calming CBD for dogs but he will also enjoy the chew and distraction of a Kong.  While a pet struggling with pain and inflammation and arthritis can have a healthy treat without inflammation causing artificial ingredients in some pet treats.

Terrier black and brown looking into the camera with a bottle of relieve plus hemp CBD spray.

Try some dog CBD peanut butter today to add some healthy wellness benefits to your pets routine.

FAQ Dog CBD Peanut Butter

Can you make your own dog CBD treats?

You can make your own dog CBD treats very easily. A good way to start it by making CBD peanut butter for dogs. Making CBD dog treats is easy with Calm or Relieve Plus, which simply requires a spray on your dog’s favorite treat. The benefits of making your own CBD dog treats are many including being certain of the dosage of CBD and quality of CBD in each treat and you are able to use a dog treat recipe or dog treat that you know your dog loves.

Can dogs OD on CBD dog treats?

There have been no reported cases of dogs overdosing on CBD. CBD is a natural product that works within a dog’s systems.

How long does it take for CBD peanut butter to kick in for dogs?

CBD peanut butter along with all CBD treats will take some time to work its way through a dog’s digestion so that it can be absorbed by the body and the benefits felt by the dog, this can take 45 -60 minutes. Products like Relieve Plus and Calm CBD hemp spray for dogs will be faster given that they are water soluble and more easily absorbed, however, once they are mixed with a fatty product it will take longer.