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How to Make Hemp Bone Broth for Pet (Easy DIY Pet Treat)

Collagen packed bone broth for pets is not only on the radar of humans.  When we search for all-natural multitasking beneficial additions to our own and our pet’s wellness routines easy DIY bone broth immediately comes to mind.

Bone broth on a white table cloth with carrots and a red striped napkin.

We often get asked if bone broth is good for cats and dogs – and the answer is yes!  Our bone broth recipe for dogs and cats fits the bill since it is rich in minerals that help build and strengthen bones, but it also contains many other healthy nutrients, including vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids that support dogs joints.

Bone broth is also collagen packed and as we discussed in our article titled 5 Natural Supplements to Ease Dog Anxiety, collagen is a wellness winner since it stimulates our pets natural production of collagen in our dog or cat’s body.

What is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is a stock liquid packed with nutrients made from raw or cooked bones. The delicious taste is achieved by simmering fish, poultry, beef, or pork bones (or all three!) for 24 hours or more. It’s also common to throw in a mix of vegetables for added flavor and nourishment.

For added collagen in our both broth recipe for dogs and cats we use bones with lots of joints and use plentiful vinegar, which assists with stripping the collagen off of the bone.

Bone broth is packed with healthy collagen.

Bone broth in a white bowl on a plate with a bone in the center of the broth.
Bone broth is packed with healthy collagen

The Benefits of Collagen for Pets

The benefits of collagen for pets are many and include bringing back coat luster and shine, reducing protein deficiency, and improving mobility, relieving joint and hip pain, repairing cartilage breakdown, and minimizing swelling.

Brown dog running with a shiny coat and a toy in his mouth on grass in the sun.
The collagen in bone broth adds a luster and shine to a dogs coat

Since bone broth is a source of collagen and gelatin and collagen helps form connective tissue it is a great tasty and healthy treat for your dog or cat.

Bone broth also has other benefits for pets including:

Liver Detox 

Bone broth also detoxes the liver.  The Liver is the body part tasked with detoxing the body.

The liver can struggle to complete its task and detoxify the body if a pet’s liver is working in overdrive to battle all of the toxicity dogs and cats may consume.

Pets small bodies encounter things in everyday life that makes their liver work overtime: flooring cleaned and treated with chemicals, grass, and landscaping sprayed with poison or fertilizer, and other toxic compounds found in commercial pet food and certain toys and treats.

Livers only have a certain amount of the amino acid glycine; since bone broth contains glycine, it helps the liver get back on track by improving liver health and bile composition and prevents complications from liver injury.

As dogs age liver support is even more necessary. (see our article on 11 Health Issues Common to Senior Dogs)

Black Senior dog that is the size and shape of a Labrador sitting on dirt and looking into the camera.
As dogs move into their senior years their liver does not function as well and bone broth packed with collagen can be helpful

Bone broth supports gut health and digestion

Like in people, a pet’s body is lined with tiny holes that act as a passages for nutrients.  Holes can open wider with an unhealthy lifestyle to create a condition called leaky gut.

Leaky gut allows undigested food and toxins to enter the blood stream which can lead to food sensitivities and inflammation.  The gelatin in bone broth can repair the gut.

Bone Broth and Hemp CBD

Hemp concentrate is full of the plentiful cannabinoids such as CBDBy adding hemp spray for dog or hemp spray for cats to your bone broth recipe for dogs, with Calm or Relieve Plus hemp spray your pet will experience all of the benefits of bone broth for dogs and cats plus plant powered hemp for a plant powered natural care.

Complete step by step recipe to make bone broth for pets and add CBD hemp spray to it.

 Summary of Bone Broth and Pets

1) Bone broth is a healthy addition to your pets wellness routine

2) Add Our Pet  CBD Hemp Sprays to increase the wellness benefit of Bone Broth.

3) Bone broth is perfect to add to wet or dry food to increase the palatability of your pet’s food and soften the food for dogs with less teeth.

4) Add bone broth to water to make flavored pet water to encourage dogs to drink in the hotter months.

Bone broth is a healthy and simple way to add collagen to your pets diet.  Collagen has so many health benefits for pets.

Bone Broth FAQs

Where can I find a bone broth recipe for dogs?

Looking for a bone broth recipe for dogs so that your dog can experience the benefits of bone broth look no further, see recipe above.

What are the benefits of bone broth for dogs?

The benefits of bone broth for dogs are many including supporting liver function, healthy joints, and with issues related to leaky guts. Like people dogs can benefit from bone broth.

Where can I buy bone broth for dogs?

If you do not want to make your own bone broth you an buy bone broth at any grocery store or online like this dog bone broth option from Amazon. Look for grass fed bone broth that is made from healthy animals.