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50+ Best Dog Instagram Account Captions

You have the perfect dog picture to post but what do you say to give it justice?  Your dog is cute but you need to say something ahead of all of those hashtags.  Well that is where a caption comes in.  Captions don’t have to be long, in fact Instagram started as a photo sharing app but nowadays people do attempt to have a long captions to make people pause and read, however, your picture can speak in and of itself and stop the scroll (if you need photo inspiration check out the tab above 30 photo props.)

Three dogs lying together sleeping a grey and black, brown and white and dark Dachshund.

Many of these dog Instagram captions also serve a dual purpose of inviting engagement which is what social media is about!  Make your next post interesting and engaging with a great photo and a fun caption that speaks to other dog lovers.  

Descriptive Dog Instagram Captions

“It is all about the Shred”  to caption a picture of some dog zoomies or chewing something!

Brown dog paws sitting in outstretched hands of person.
A creative picture deserves a good caption.

“Paw prints on my heart” to caption a picture of a dog running on sand or other photo of a dog leaving pawprints or doing something sweet.  Looking for Valentine’s Day captions and social media inspiration find it in our article on 20 Valentine’s Day Social media posts and dog puns here.

“Leaving nothing but pawprints” for a picture of just pawprints.

“It’s the puppy eyes that get me every time” a picture of your dog’s face in a close-up picture.

“No matter where you go or what you do they are always by your side” for a picture of you and your dog

“The bond between a dog and their human-dog pal is truly special” for a sweet shot of you and your furry bestie

“When mum comes home” for a picture you are posting of your dog running

“Boop, boop double tab on that nose for some love”

“Toe beans are out for spring and summer” a picture of your dogs cutest adorable toe beans!

“Road tripping with the best company” for a picture of you and your dog on the move, bike, car, bike trailer.

“The best duo, does your pet have a best bud?” A picture of your dog and his friend, cuteness times two.

“Reminder, it is ok to stop for mid _____ cuddles t any given moment” Insert anything you are doing because it is true and likely we do not really need a reminder.

“Do you ever take a photo of your pup and want to frame it?”  This can pretty much apply to any photo you take of your pup, we know!

“Sun’s shining so find us on the beach playing in the sand” any beach pic of course

“This is my sign to take my pup on an adventure” when you take a pic of your dog waiting in anticipation for your next adventure, for us that is pretty much every day around walk time or anytime I put shoes on.  Looking for more Sporty Dog Instagram Inspiration?  Find it in our article on 11 Sport Dogs to Follow on Instagram here.

“You know what they say, it is a dog’s life” this caption is great for any indulgent thing your dog may be doing, nail painting, spa day . . . you name it.

You know what they say, it is a dog’s life

“Sun’s out = more adventures with my pals” which can also work with any other type of weather, but since rain never inspires us maybe not that one unless your dog is hanging with a duck.  

“Giving a big squeeze and remembering how lucky I am”  a picture of you and your dog in a snuggle.  

“Is it the weekend yet?” Any picture you are going to post with your dog looking like he is ready for some fun.  

Throw Back Dog Instagram Captions

When we post we expect that the picture you are posting was taken in proximity to the time when you are posting.  If you want to use an older post as a throwback memory you can with a descriptive caption.  Here are some ideas for throwback Instagram Dog post captions

Small white colored puppy in a pink collar getting a dog treat from a person.
Why my dog is trained so well

“They grow up so quickly . . .” for a throwback post.

“Core dog memory unlocked” for a throwback photo of your pup

Dog Quotes to Use as Dog Instagram Captions

Sometimes a dog quote from someone famous makes the perfect dog Instagram caption as their words capture the photo so much better than your own ever could.  That works but just do not forget to attribute the quote and use a hashtag for the person you are quoting there may be a whole group of people that follow the fame.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole.” Roger Caras

Three dogs lying together sleeping a grey and black, brown and white and dark Dachshund.

“Life is too short to only have one dog” when you have a shot of two dogs.

“Happiness is a warm puppy” Charles Schultz

Dog Instagram Captions from the Perspective of a Dog

Some Instagramers have entire accounts that are only from the perspective of a dog for example one dog Instagram account we all know well @dougthepug this can be a hard one to pull off consistently but even if you do not you can always throw in the odd caption from your dog’s perspective without it being too strange, here are some for inspiration:

Small brown and white jack Russell terrier in red sunglasses holding a phone taking a selfie for Instagram.
Guys look at me I am getting you some content!

“OMG this is the best day ever” for when your dog is doing something super fun and it shows.

“Just two dudes hanging out . . . want to join?”  This would be a fun caption for a picture of two dogs hanging out.

“Wink if you are cute” dog winking can also do “sit if you are cute” for the non-winkers

“Let your tongue hang out if your cute” . . . and many more variations like put your ears up . . .

“Tell them I am living my best life” a picture you are posting of your dog truly enjoying life.

“Guys look at me I am . . . “ for whatever amazing thing your dog may be doing at the time

“The moment when you have gone on the best walk and are ready for a nap”  for a picture of your exhausted dog with tongue hanging out.

“Get in Bestie we are going exploring”  this is the perfect caption for any picture of your dog in the car.

“Tell me I look cute” this is the perfect Instagram caption for any picture of your dog- really. 

Some Favorite Dog Puns that Make Great Captions

There is something about dogs and puns that is undeniable (we dedicated a whole chapter to pun and dog lexicon in Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s because the pull of puns and pet pals is undeniable.

Here are some of our favorite dog puns that you can use as Instagram captions:

  • We have Muttropolitan Tastes
  • Give me some Cool Refreshing Pupsicles
  • Whining and dining
  • I am going mutts!
  • Stop that dog-gone it
  • Let’s raise the ruff!
  • Your looking quite fetching
  • My love for you grows everyday (big dogs!)
  • You are Golden (Golden Doodle, Golden Retriever, Golden Lab!)
  • Howl you doin?
  • We just fit together
  • Don’t bacon my heart
  • I love you furever (perfect for Valentine’s dog posting)
  • They call it puppy love
  • I am not lion your great!
  • I did you a whole lot
  • Pardon my french (Frenchies only!)


Dog Instagram captions can numb your brain after you think you have done the hard part of taking and posting the cutest picture.  Don’t let them the captions stump you and instead refer to this handy list for inspiration when you post your dog pictures on Instagram.

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Dog Instagram Captions FAQs

What are cute dog captions for Instagram?

Dog Instagram captions can be a famous quote, description of activity funny dog saying or dog pun and so much more here are favorites:
-You know what they say it is a dogs life
-Get in Bestie we are going exploring
-Look for magic in every moment
Don’t forget to try seasonal captions like these ones for Valentine’s Day.

What are the best dog puns to use as Instagram captions?

There are seasonal dog puns, foodies dog puns and more for some reason dogs and puns seem to go together and they make great Instagram captions here are some favorites:
-Mutts only-I am going mutts!
-Pugs only “Just pug-et about it”
-We have Muttropolitan tastes

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