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Pumpkin Carvings of Dogs: Creative Dog Art Fall Inspiration 

orange pumpkins on brick steps with a red bush in the back ground with a bulldog carved pumpkin

Halloween brings another opportunity to make some fall art inspired by your dog!  Dog stencils now make it easier to add some doggie fun and interest to your pumpkin carving no matter your dog’s breed or size, you can add an extra flair to capture that floppy ear and more!


Here is a Bernese Mountain dog pumpkin, Golden Retriever Pumpkin, and small dog pumpkin.  Try this fun at home with dog pumpkin carving stencil kit.  

3 dog pumpkins carved on black background, pug, Bernese mountain dog and a Labrador dog


Here is a book of some smaller (less than 16 inches) stencils of Dobermans and more in this handy book of dog pumpkin carving stencils.


Here are some Labrador Dog Pumpkin’s you can find the stencils in this Labrador dog pumpkin stencils book here

picture of a book of Labrador retriever pumpkin carvings with a moon in the background and three pumpkins carved in the front


Finally, Halloween pumpkins have to include the Bulldogs, check out these creative bulldog pumpkins.  You can find a whole book of stencils to make these same bulldog Halloween Pumpkins on Amazon here

9 pumpkins carved with bulldog stencils doing various things



This year have your dog be your Halloween pumpkin inspiration and set out that unique and fun pumpkin to enjoy!.