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17 Autumn or Fall Dog Activities For Autumn Dog Fun

Any time of year is fun to navigate with your dog as we wrote about in Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s but fall makes for a special time with added joy from the fun autumn dog activities that you can enjoy with your dog.  

Dog lying on his back in a pile of fall leaves.

So grab that matching autumn-themed leash and collar and head out or stay in to enjoy some of these autumn dog activities.  

Dog Fall Activities

Take a Hike 

A hike is typically our go-to dog top pick especially when it is at one of our top bucket list places for a hike or in the fall.  As the weather changes and the leaves change too the sights on your hike can be magical.

Add the magical colors the joy of watching your pup frolic in the autumn air and it makes for a special autumn dog activity for you to enjoy.  

Two Jack Russel terriers sitting beside their owner in jeans on fall leaves.
Fall hikes top our list of fall fun

Bake Fall inspired Dog Treats  

We all know that Pumpkin is a helpful cure for doggie diarrhea and a great Kong stuffer but it also forms the basis for many fall inspired dog treats.  See this round-up of fall treat recipes you can cook with your pup and then watch them enjoy!

Carve a Pumpkin  

Not only can you enjoy pumpkin carving with your dog but you can allow your dog to inspire your next pumpkin creation!  Check out these dog-themed pumpkin carvings for some fall inspo and a fun activity to do with your dog.  You can buy a dog stencil here from Amazon which includes 50 stencils of all different breeds to make dog pumpkin carving a little easier.  I am sure he will enjoy the extra treat for the modeling.

Various colored pumpkins sitting on a doorstep with a dog stencil on one pumpkin.
Stencils are a fun dog craft to do.

Visit a Dog Friendly Pumpkin Patch  

We all know that pumpkin patches make the best fall photo op but don’t forget to have some fun as well.  Steal some pumpkin patch photo ideas in our recent articles for some inspiration and preserve a cute fall memory of you and your dog while picking that perfect pumpkin to carve into him!

Brown white and black rat terrier resting his chin on a pumpkin in a field.

Fall Dog Photo Shoot  

Fall grants us the photo ops of nature so why not take advantage and have a fall dog photo shoot to make memories you can preserve?  Dog photo shoots can be tricky but leaves trees and more can add to those doggie photos in ways you never may have imagines.  Check out some inspo here and this talented dog photographer at Inspawration Photography and her article on creating Autumn Photos.

Brown and white dog lying on his back surrounded by fall leaves.

Visit a Dog Friendly Restaurant for Oktoberfest Experience

You may be a beer lover or just love any dog friendly outing but Oktoberfest may be a fun time to celebrate some dog fun.  Here is our list of favorite dog friendly Breweries to enjoy!

Make a DIY Dog Costume

Fall also means that Halloween is coming and although there are so many amazingly amusing and adorable store bought costumes it can be fun to put your own together.  Steal some ideas from this cute list of 15 DIY Pet Costumes here to create your own doggie costume.  Check out our favorite from their list. We also have a list of Halloween costumes for those dogs that hate costumes that may be more suitable for your pup.

German shepherd in a plastic cone with olives to make a doggie martini costume
Credit: unknown

Make a Fall Dog Bandana

Dog bandanas are fun way to celebrate a themed season and serve as a photo op we love (which is why our soon to launched senior dog box will have one in each box) Making a dog bandana is easier than you think with these no sew dog bandana instructions from DIY Joy here.  Grab some fall themed material and sew away!

Make a Fall Dog Collar

 Some dogs love costumes and fall wear and some hate them.  A fall dog collar can be simple by adding some fall foliage to your dog’s collar with a glue gun or more fancy by adding other fall adornments.

Blonde Labrador dog with a festive homemade fall collar.
Fall fun collars are a great way to celebrate

Make Doggie Art

We teach you how to make dog pawprint art here it is easy to incorporate some fall foliage to make turn this into fall art.  

Visit a Dog Friendly Fall Festival

In our town pumpkin patches have somewhat taken over the fall festival concept but in many others they have not.  Updated listings of fall dog friendly festivals are available on Instagram by searching #fallfestival.  Your dog will enjoy the added interest and fun of a fall festival.  

Go to a Dog Friendly the Beach 

Like parks we adore dog friendly beaches anytime of year but the fresh air of fall makes trips to our favorite dog friendly beaches even more fun.  Summer crowds abate and we normally find more dog lovers at these venues. 

Find our list of favorite dog friendly beaches to enjoy and put on your bucket list here.  

Make Doggie Bone Broth

A warm cup of love is enjoyed by all as the seasons turn.  The extra collagen in bone broth will be appreciated by your dogs joints and the added flavor add a special bit of a treat when poured over food, here is our favorite recipe for any season but most loved in fall.  

Watch a Fall Dog Movie

Movies get you in the moment, I often overlook the changing seasons from my hustle and bustle and vantage point in California and a movie remind me of the seasons and gets me in the mood to enjoy. 

A fun dog movie is My Dog Tulip described by Rotten Tomatoes as A beautifully animated diversion, My Dog Tulip is as comforting and delightful as cuddling with your own canine companion. Read critic reviews.

Read a Book

Fall themed dog books abound but reading any book with your dog can be fun and did you know that books also help young readers?  Several libraries are experimenting with this new method of encouraging reaching so why not you too?  Of course we love the laughs in Motherpuppin Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s the tongue-in-cheek guide to navigating life with your dog.

Black, white and grey shaggy dog reading with a girl with a ponytail on the floor.

Get a Dog Grooming  

Grooming or a doggie spa day is another activity that is always welcome but as you move into fall it is important to rid your pet of any leftover summer dirt and skin itches and also prep them for all of the fall and holiday pictures to come. 

Set your dog up with grooming session or follow our tips for a DIY fall groom.  

Small brown dog getting a hair cut by a lady in a red shirt.
Grooming is a great way to bring in the fall season

Foster or Adopt a Dog

We had to add this to the list although it is not something to be taken as lightly as setting off to the beach.  Fostering or adopting a dog should be considered with thoughtful consideration. 

However, after the kids go back to school, routines settle in fall can be an excellent time as any to adopt or foster a dog and cherish all of the fall activities with more than one furry pal  Learn more about adopting a senior dog, those most in need from our Ultimate Guide to Senior Dog Rescues

Fall Dog Activity FAQs

What can you do with dogs in the fall?

There are a ton of fun things to do in the fall with your dog, make a fall themed bandana, go for a fall hike, do a fall photoshoot, bake fall dog treats and more! Enjoy the season with your pup.

Do dogs like the fall?

It is hard to tell and may depend on the dog but in our opinion dogs love the fall! The crisp cool air is ripe for activity and fun and dogs seem to sense it. Many dogs don’t appreciate the summer heat so the welcome coolness of fall is invigorating.

How do I find fall festivals that are dog friendly?

There are many fall festivals that are dog friendly and failing that there are some breweries to bring in the fall with your dog. The best way to find dog friendly fall festivals is social media go to your town’s home page or type in hashtags #fallfestival